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My objection to your whiney little post is …

Comment posted The eurozone crisis and the Independence referendum: time for proactive postponement? by W.S..

My objection to your whiney little post is to the use of the phrase “English masters”.

Use of that implies that you believe that we are a conquered people living under the yoke of the English.

Grow Up !

Stop running down the Scots. We are NOT a conquered people with “English masters”.

All Scots are masters of their own destiny.

Some of us thrive in that knowledge, others spend their lives on cyber forums whining and moaning; failing to simply get on with their own lives which, my friend, are full of potentential if you’d just take that massive anti-English chip off your shoulder.

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    There is very little similarity between our two countries.

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    Yeah, and join the SIX (how pathetic is that?) other LUDDITES who have signed it so far.
    Why are you posting as Webcraft? Shouldn’t you be trolling today as your normal i.d. as Scotsrenewables if you’re going to give us all this “we’re doomed; its global warming’s fault”.

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