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Comment posted The eurozone crisis and the Independence referendum: time for proactive postponement? by Keith McMillan.

LOL “ I am a Scot and no man is my master” are you for real how much tax did you pay to your master last year? How many of their statute laws did you “consent” to obey? How many of your masters EU, UK rules and regulations did accept their control of you under “statutory obligation” tactic
LOL I just love how people like you live in denial yet try to discredit others, at no time did I whine about anything W.S
Isn’t it funny how you try to place me in a box “cybernats” are you not just a well trained little conformist place everyone into their perceived class that will keep the real issues hidden, keep the people divided

a person that whines my friend is someone that will do nothing about a situation, I on the other hand have done something about it, enjoy you life of “voluntary servitude”

Keith McMillan also commented

  • @W.S
    Here we go again your programming kicking in try to discredit me with a pathetic statement “My objection to your whiney little post is the use of the phrase English masters”
    Could you tell me were most of our laws are made? Who controls the full public gifts (taxes)? What is the nationality of most the criminals (oops politicians) at the top of the government?
    Use of the phrase English Master implies that I believe the Scots are a conquered people living under the yoke of the English. If you mean a defeated nation then certainly not, if however you mean a surrender nation then Yes
    Scotland has accepted the rules and regulations set by Westminster and now Brussels, the people of Scotland have laid down and accepted the will of a English located government and European Union
    The Scots have given up their law system (based on common law- law of the land) for the English version of Roman law (admiralty law –law of the sea) Britannia Rules the waves comes to mind.
    As for running down the Scots LOL what a joke the Scots could be so much more and Scotland could be one of the best nations on this planet but for the majority of the Scots being to lazy to stand up for our country or to thick to see the use of admiralty law upon them.
    As for you claim of me having “a massive anti-English chip on my shoulder” this is your best joke yet friend, two of my old businesses are based in England I have a wide range of English friends and guess what it was some English people that woke me up to the polimagician lies and deceptions.
    Have a search for “John Harris it’s an illusion” a good English carpenter or Brian Gerrish lawful rebellion another English man
    No chip on my shoulder mate the English have less of a voice than the people of Scotland
  • Islay forever
    I think if ForArgyll had written about the “Scottish Yes campaign for separation” they would have been pulled up about it
    It is a Yes Campaign for independence the Scottish people rights to forge their own destiny rather than the forced will of the English masters
    Let me guess from your statement “a selection of extreme left-wingers and gay activists ,it was noticeable that there was not one business person on stage” you believe the polimagician created straight line with Right wing to one side and left on the opposite side
    Correct me if I am wrong but the extreme left want the government to control and own everything and bestow gifts to the people if they behave and follow the rules? (Communism)(Agenda21, European union, NATO to name a few)
    Right wing wants to control the people by corporate law, own all the companies and thus control the little people (tyranny) (DVLA, VOSA to name a couple)
    So are both not just about controlling and holding the little people down? So would a circle graph not be more appropriate with both of these nutter groups at the top.
  • “Huge subsidies from Westminster” is this a joke? Look at the money sent to the crooks in the treasury from Scotland, so I think we get a small amount of our money back through “subsidies”
    Under the EU dictatorship sorry directive we have to advertise contracts throughout Europe, so it is highly unlikely local companies or start up companies would get the larger contracts
    As for defence I don’t think spreading our democracy in Iraq and Libya for the profit of gold and oil does much for protecting our land
    If our money was not being redirected to foreign lands then perhaps we could make use of our abundance for the good of Scotland
  • The Supreme leader should carry on with his plan for Devo Max or should I say Devo Tax?
    The Act of union was broken when Margaret Thatcher introduced the poll tax in Scotland and not anywhere else within the United Kingdom Thus treating one partner of the union different from all others, nice cover up and we get a devolved Scottish executive as payment.
    The UK as a whole pays into the European Union £55 million pounds per day every day of the year what could Argyll do with one day’s payment of £55million; let’s not forget the money paid under the heading of “foreign aid” which goes through the IMF bank damn almost forgot to mention the money taken from your pocket! the industry stripped from your country and sent to “developing” countries in the form of “Carbon Credits”
    Ever wondered how the UK government can afford this yet they don’t spend the money in our own country? They say there was no money left in the tin by labour, Look into fiat money “full faith and unlimited credit” LOL
    Sad thing is the European Union will not fail it will just get bigger and when the designed to fail euro does collapse it will take the weak dollar with it maybe even the pound, but don’t worry peeps the BRICS currency will be there to save you

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    Arethosemyfeet: I think if you search the international companies house you will find I am correct in saying our schools are privatised. If you also look at the money system we use you will see why or schools are private
  • Scotland’s joke education where none can fail
    I see the problem being the adults! Not the young people. The adults have allowed our schools to be privatised and set up as corporations (targets, league tables) gone are the days when the young person (child) is actually a living being, now it is nothing more than a statistic a corporate asset.
    Education (or should i say indoctrination) has become about grading the assets (children) this improving the business plan and development of the individual school “trust”
    Is it not funny how our hospitals, schools and other services are now “trusts” body corporate, and is it not funny how the consumers (adults) love the new consumer based state?
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    Islay for ever: you might want to checkout the british queen and her portfolio, the Catholic Corporation falls far short of her Criminal company
  • Council Meeting: resounding endorsement of Council Leader as inclusive way forward agreed
    H20: the SNP was set up as a cross party organisation with the purpose of gaining independence for the “nation” of “Scotland”, unfortunately somewhere in the past it was taken over by psychopaths and turned in to a political party (a very dangerous one) with the sole purpose of enforcing “corporate” policy (legislation) on the people of “Scotland”
    I must say I do find your comment “How any so called SNP member can cuddle up to the cons and lib lies tells me that they and the others have been using the SNP to get their foot in the door” very sad! We are “Argyll” people and we should be working for what is best for us! Not some legal entity political party.
  • Community raffle concerns over councillor’s reporting of Tarbert raffle to police
    Hamish I see you have quoted statute laws could you now produce the legal definition of “statute” at the same time you could give me the legal definition of “Act”

    I am glad to see you are a follower of the “legal” statute law in our corporation but are you sure you have not breached any of the 125 thousand statutes on the books?

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