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To Barmore….he is a she!!!!! …

Comment posted The eurozone crisis and the Independence referendum: time for proactive postponement? by Jam.

To Barmore….he is a she!!!!!

Jam also commented

  • There are a number of good arguments in this article and worthy of consideration however as you mention ‘apples’ remember if not plucked and eaten at the right time rot!
    I agree timing is essential to the case and given as your article says and many others agree that the Euro will collapse within the year by the time we have had the referendum and agreed a timetable for fiscal and any all other transfers we will be years down the line from the main fall out.
    Also my understanding of why the referendum was delayed last time does not equate with yours. Fiscal matters may have come in to it but in a minority administration it would have been suicidal to spend time and money trying to get something through that was never going to make it.
    Mr Cameron may be panicing and using the EU to cover up all his mistakes like lack of growth but we don’t have to follow. When it comes to fiscal matters give me John Swinney anytime over George Osborne.

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