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Is it my imagination or was there not …

Comment posted Lochgilphead primary pupil’s internet exposure of poor school meals goes viral by Paula Jones.

Is it my imagination or was there not a post 41 here which seems to have been removed. Oh wait, you never remove posts do you?????????????

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  • Naughty boy Michael, grow up.

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  • Argyll and Bute Council settle expensively with former Communications Manager
    Having watched all this from a distance I have just thought of it as something of a non story. I know The Herald and FA broke the news that spy accounts were in place and FA further expanded on this, saying several were operating (proof of which you could have handed over to the enquiry when it was taking place). A position FA still maintains. Yet I and everyone else has yet to see any evidence of these accounts and Smith was found to be innocent of all the allegations made against her. So in order to agree with FA on this can you show us some cast iron evidence that these spy accounts existed please Newsie? Aside from the original Powerpoint, which we all know has the words spy accounts on them, which to me is not admitting setting up spy accounts. Otherwise i am afraid you and everybody else who believed this have been well and truly duped and your source was an out and out liar.
  • Jo Smith dismissed as Council Communications Manager
    Ferryman,someone posted the no spy accounts comment, which was taken from a news website. FA never had any evidence apart from the seemingly fake anonymous source. She continues with the line that Smith admitted to carrying out covert activity, whereas ten people, yes ten people, named, out in the open, attendees of the conference say she said no such thing. Who would you believe?
  • Jo Smith dismissed as Council Communications Manager
    Oh Newsie Newsie Newsie. How you insult your remaining readers intelligence. Your rewriting of history is worthy of Stalin. I notice how you have been through all your articles on the *Spygate* thread and removed all your personal attacks on Ms Smith
  • Jo Smith dismissed as Council Communications Manager
    Yes indeed Newsroom, you never made up the whole Spygate thing.
  • Jo Smith dismissed as Council Communications Manager
    I think you could argue that quite strongly Justin. It looks to me as if Ms Smith has been a victim of a dirty tricks campaign and has been hung out to dry. The other two from what i have i think their behaviour was foolish and immature but not a sackable offence.

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