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It’s also NOW very expensive. When first …

Comment posted School Meals saga: Council distorts facts and blocks Martha’s blog by jake.

It’s also NOW very expensive. When first introduced it was a subsidised loss leader……but having signed up to the deal….well, you can guess the rest.

jake also commented

  • Oh I’m sure you do get more than your fair share of unjustified criticism.
    Some years ago I was talking to a canteen manager ( in a large factory) who told much the same story.
    He had come to terms and was quite philosophical about it. He explained to me what he told his staff, that the canteen was more than just a place to eat, it was a place to sit with friends, a break from work and it’s pressures and deadlines, and a break from the boss, the supervisor or whatever. After a tough shift, he said, dealing with impossible deadlines,unreasonable customers and a supervisor who expects miracles which cat gets kicked by the workers come lunch-time? It’s the food, the choices, the queues, the prices….it’s not personal, it’s the frustrations of the day talking, and complaining about the canteen is the only way they have to express their frustration or, sometimes exercise any control. That’s catering for you, the food’s the easy bit.
  • Where ever did you get the idea that this was ever about ” the culture of cooking and eating in the home where numerous families do not eat properly” ?
    I can think of reasons why it might have moved centre stage though. Possibly a deflection tactic to avoid addressing the real issue? Frankly I find all this finger waving and tut-tutting from the few to the “numerous” even more distasteful than the industrially extruded croquette.
  • So far, on this web site, I haven’t seen the dinner ladies come in for any criticism, if anything their position and lack of control in all this has been accepted and understood. The criticism has been towards the senior management of the education dept for the way they have responded to the situation.
    However, as you say Jenny, in an ideal world to cook very healthy meals from scratch like Jamie Oliver is a luxury that dinner ladies don’t have. Luxury isn’t something on the menu either for dinner ladies or ( the important people in all this) the diners. But I’m very much inclined to agree with you that the canteen user in question must have made choices that didn’t fully reflect the range and diversity of food options on offer. I would certainly hope so because if not, I struggle to understand how it takes from 8.30 to lunch time in a professional kitchen to reheat bought in pre-prepared pizza, bought in pre-prepared potato croquettes and to serve it up with packet veg and an ice lolly.

    Good luck and well done to the young girl with her web-site. I imagine had the content been about some eco-friendly initiative the school was keen to promote or be associated with it would all have been so very different. Lessons for all in that, old and young.

  • You have a flair for this kind of thing, Douglas!

    Could it be that an understaffed communications dept has some part to play in the less than ideal response by A&B?

    As for Nick Nairn……his “day rate” is certainly mouth watering.

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    What has the ECHR got to do with the EU…or vice versa?
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