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Maybe too much choice? – and the wasteage …

Comment posted School Meals saga: Council distorts facts and blocks Martha’s blog by Robert Wakeham.

Maybe too much choice? – and the wasteage must surely bump up the cost.

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • But ‘Government and European imposed procurement restrictions’ – just what are you referring to, JayC?
  • In some cultures the only form of response to criticism and protest is to attack. Reminds me slightly of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, but then he thinks the country and its people are there for his benefit, rather than the other way around.
  • Something else for the New Order to look into, if promises were made but never honoured.
  • Looking at the ‘damage limitation measures’ taken by the council I just wonder if they’ve seeped out of a bastion of the old order within the senior management? Any attempt to impose the rule of omerta looks like it could backfire very badly indeed, and the sooner whoever’s responsible realises that southern Italian practices are no longer acceptable – or resigns to spend more time with their family – the better. Otherwise they might just be digging their own grave.
  • ‘Argyll and Bute Council’ – yes, but which one, the old contemptibles or the new order? – I wonder if the latter are aware of the ‘one party state’ trick of blocking Martha’s blog, or was this a ‘delegated decision’?. Wait till the Daily Mail etc get to hear of that.

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