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Like Neil above no one on the doorstep …

Comment posted on Challenge to ALL ‘Independent’ council election candidates by Deirdre Henderson

Like Neil above no one on the doorstep has ever asked me as an independent candidate if I am joining a group. The only people who seem to be obsessed with this is the SNP. I know that Forargyll comes across as having an SNP bias and I wonder if this question has come from the SNP group?
I think it might be helpful if independent candidates are being challenged that they are contacted or it looks like they are in some way afraid to answer the question. I just came across this article accidentally whilst browsing.
To answer the question:
If elected, I would be interested in joining Argyll First as the Councillors still have a free vote on any matter and it is looking to make the Council democratic, which none of the big parties seemed to have bothered with in the past when they had the opportunity.
I don’t want to do a Vince Cable and end up in coalition that strangles my independent stance that enables me to work for my constituents without having to check with Dad or Mum at central office first.

Standing in South Kintyre.

Deirdre Henderson also commented

  • I am not a member of any political party. I haven’t been a member of the SSP for some years. I am independent completely.

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