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This is a question that really only applies …

Comment posted Challenge to ALL ‘Independent’ council election candidates by James Robb.

This is a question that really only applies to potential new councillors. The position of existing councillors is well known. The strictures of each group will be a matter for those elected as “independent” to explore before deciding.
It is the basic principle of accountable, open and transparent democracy that has become the defining issue in these elections. New members will have to decide between supporting a continuation of the current Conservative-Liberal Democrat-Alliance of Independent Councillors Coalition or the alternative Democratic Coalition (the current Opposition groups plus new “independents” and groups with shared democratic values).

Recent comments by James Robb

  • Castle Toward decision cannot be acceptable to South Cowal community
    I was unable to attend but the outcome was a foregone conclusion with 4 LibDem controlled votes, 4 Tory controlled votes, 3 Walsh controlled votes on a Committee of 16.
    ADMINISTRATION MEMBERS (24) (+ higher remuneration) (* Member of P& R Committee)
    Liberal Democrat Member or Leadership (8)
    *Ellen Morton +
    *Aileen Morton +
    Rory Colville +
    *Robin Currie +
    Mary Jean Devon +
    George Freeman
    *Roddy McCuish +
    Elaine Robertson
    Conservative Member or Leadership (8)
    *Gary Mulvaney +
    *Donald Kelly
    Maurice Corry
    David Kinniburgh +
    *Dougie Philand +
    *Duncan MacIntyre +
    Robert E MacIntyre
    John McAlpine
    Nominally Independent (7)
    *Dick Walsh (Council Leader) +
    *Alastair MacDougall
    Robert G MacIntyre
    Donnie McMillan
    Alex McNaughton
    Jimmy McQueen
    *Len Scoullar (Provost) +
    Independent (1)
    *Vivien Dance +
    Scottish National Party (9)
    *Sandy Taylor
    John Armour
    Gordon Blair
    Anne Horn
    Iain Angus MacDonald
    *James Robb
    Iain Stewart
    *Isobel Strong
    *Richard Trail
    Independent (2)
    Michael Breslin
    Bruce Marshall
    Labour (1)
    Neil MacIntyre
  • Progress report on Castle Toward decision
    I was unable to attend but delighted that my challenge to the exempt status was unable to be defended by the Council. The last minute surprise is business as normal for the current leadership.
  • Outright win for John Armour and SNP in South Kintyre
    Well done to John and his team. I look forward to working with him in the SNP Council Group.
    Didn’t the LibDems not come the distant second on 14.1% of the vote. No comment from Alan Reid?
  • Castle Toward: Councillor Breslin asks straight questions of Council Leader Walsh
    I did make the request to the Provost to include Castle Toward on the Council meeting agenda but he declined and has agreed I can make public his response. “I do not think that what you describe would be a proper road for me to go down in light of the paper coming to P and R (Policy & Resources Committee – my clarification) where a decision is anticipated.”
    In defence of the Provost I would say that with the Administration’s exclusive and divisive committee system and the power delegations to them it is not an unreasonable ruling.
  • Cut to the chase on Castle Toward: blatant case for intervention under land reform
    My understanding is that a Community Right to Buy is based on the valuation of the District Valuer. If the purchaser disagrees it can be appealed. Call it a grant or a discount, the Council will have £1m less to spend. Where I think we will agree is that all councillors should be involved in a decision of such importance. I am as disappointed as you that the merits of the grant/discount haven’t been weighed against the projected economic benefit or alternative investments in a full and open discussion to allow all elected members to reach a decision. To repeat the LibDems boast “We all know who is in charge”.

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