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“Dunkin Doughnut MacIntyre”, the candidate with a hole …

Comment posted Misleading instructions to voters: is Duncan Macintyre trawling for 4th preference votes? by Larry Nugent.

“Dunkin Doughnut MacIntyre”, the candidate with a hole in his centre of credibility.You could not make it up.

Larry Nugent also commented

  • Yes that is his/her duty to “represent all constituents”. And that means ensuring all sections have equal access to all departments and officers.
    The councilors are not qualified or trained to be disability officers. Please read a book on )(he social model on Disability) before you make a fool of yourself again and I thought Duncan MacIntyre was the only one
  • The postal vote gives me full access to exercising my democratic franchise.
    However, in times of lack of debate on all issues that impact on my disabilities,I cannot feel confident that rural councilors have the same commitment as their colleagues from large conurbations on disability issues.
    One of the chief problems is the lack of disability awareness training in A&B rural areas. So it is not just geography and demography. We need a recognised disability awareness officer that will encourage chronically sick and disabled people to participate on matters that will improve employment, education,housing and transport for all sections of our rural communities. I believe that is more important a prize than being envious of city slickers.
    Thank God ForArgyll website. At least their service brings rural issues and its problems closer to all the far flung airts and pairts
  • Phill and Integrity,
    I have a lifetime experience from the womb to the tomb in dealing with authorities of all sorts.
    I have found it a long and debilitating experience in seeking natural justice from the likes of Sally Loudon, Douglas Hendry, and adult director Jim Robb.
    In legal aid alone, I must have cost the public purse thousands, to no avail. Cases dragged on for years with no satisfactory results other than my increased stress and anxiety levels.
    Now I expect more from councilors who I vote to represent my needs for adequate service provision. The case you put of doing it for yourself,does not work,in most cases. It takes up more time than appreciated and you are dealing with an army of council lawyers who are masters of spin and the dark arts.
    No, I leave it for my SNP councilors to represent my service provision needs. It cheaper than the public purse and gives councilors a much needed insight into the uncaring executive department and in this case the manipulative Duncan MacIntyre.
    I want my franchise expressed by councilors prepared to ask questions and not have their heads ducking and diving below the parapets.
  • A new broom sweeps clean but not with this incumbent administration of dead headed chiefs of single digital IQs.
    They are attempting to bury their misdeeds with the conniving Independent Alliance.
    If I am wrong, then please tell me why “Spygate” was not speedily resolved before the election period. After all we do have an admission of guilt from the culprit.

    The public need to know as this is more than a disciplinary matter. It is obvious that the civil rights of the general public has been infringed.

    The chief executive department is not a “star chamber” or have proceedings held “in camera”. The public have a right to know about this sordid conspiracy and obvious cover up.

    Duncan MacIntyre should not be protected and I hope the first thing the new council do is report his leaflet indiscretions to the electoral commission. I will be dismayed if they don’t or cannot

  • The returning officer damn her.

    Why is she not to be seen to respond properly to stop sharp practices.
    Is it not duty bound on her office to ensure all rules are strictly adhered too and breaches are reported to the electoral commission by her?
    Can anyone tell me Does the returning officer only turn up for the count and her fat bonus for appearence money?

Recent comments by Larry Nugent

  • Indy: For Argyll live online to the result – with Gordon Harmer from Shetland
    Thanks Newsie for the fantastic coverage. I feel disenfranchised as a Yes postal voter. People know I was a devo max and would have voted No if armed with that knowledge before I posted.
    With the end result I am happy. No sour grapes. Well done the Noes. Choking on my ice cream and jelly
  • New councillor, Neil MacIntyre, clarifies position he will adopt at council
    NEIL, Could you enlighten us about the format of this “meeting”.
    Is it a public meeting in which the general public can participate in all the discussion and hear all the questions and answers? Who will be the main speaker from TIf?
    Is it only an information day with just an introductory meeting with no set structure of question and answers. Who will record this meeting and when will we get a feed-back?
  • New councillor, Neil MacIntyre, clarifies position he will adopt at council
    I am led to believe That The Labour Party,and The STUC are also loooking at the Nordic/Scandinavian model of elderly care provision. I do support that.
    Taken you are having a go at me and other elderly people for stating what we need. I, personally will not allow you to think and decide on my behalf. Involve us. Don’t talk down as you are apparently doing.
    Posters know you could be a prisoner to Walsh and Loudon and fellow traveler Brother McCuish is not worthy of being part of an alliance with the aspiring Keiron Green and you. Have self confidence, we know you better.
    You have apparently sided with him on decimating elderly care provision. You are doing his talk. He has never apologised for his partnership with the Tories to do away with said provision. I ask or plead with you to take council matters seriously and not be flippant and frivolous when representing my party on For Argyll.
    Because of time of night, I will not be able to do this important meeting, I hope someone raises the extra congestion of traffic this is going to add to a ready dire situation.
  • New councillor, Neil MacIntyre, clarifies position he will adopt at council
    Paying any amount for a personal assistant out of benefits will be hard on any recipient. But that is not the real problem.
    Argyll and Bute council’s Chief executive department have a responsibility to consult with all needing council service provision. That includes meeting groups run and controlled by service users and to date in Oban that has never been done presently . Maybe carers groups have access to consultation and negotiation but not service users.
    You know fine well in large conurbations, consultation is encouraged but A&BC rural areas are totally ignored and inept councillors don’t want to know the needs of service users and leave decisions to fit into the chief executive’s cuts agenda.
    I believe there is a possibility of a link club (Mental Health service users group) being started up in the defunct Shop-mobility premises at the railway car park Oban. If it is organised along the same concepts of Glasgow as not just a tea and bun club but one that service users can express their needs and be treated as equals in consultation.
    I hope your good self, Neil and Brother Roddy can grasp the thistle and make sure things begin to happen for service users in Mental Health
  • New councillor, Neil MacIntyre, clarifies position he will adopt at council
    Well do something about it. Do you belong to a political party or you just a keyboard idiot? Stop trolling

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