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Anne, you talking about Mike Russel’s vis a …

Comment posted Council candidates, election battlegrounds and serious choices to be made by Simon.

Anne, you talking about Mike Russel’s vis a vis Robslee and Hillhead when he agreed that these schools should close??

Simon also commented

  • Yes I asked a question Crazy ( I might get more sense out of you despite your name)

    I asked Anne Baird an SNP candidate if she was thinking of extending the right to a veto (that she wants to give to rural porimary school parents) to other Council sectors? For example – would she agree that Libraries or swimming pools won’t be shut or hours cut without the consent of the majority of service users? Or Old Folks Homes won’t be shut the consent of the majority of service users? Or voluntary organisations or museums where their grant won’t be cut without the consent of the majority of service users?

    Or would she resrve that veto only for rural primary schools???

    Anne has so far refused to answer.

    Mibbie you can persuade her to answer Crazy??…

  • Morag, that is most unfair and quite rude of you.

    Anne probably just didn’t realise (because she didn’t think it through) the implications of her rather silly pronouncement. Obviously a wiser head has prevailled and pointed out to amatuerish Anne that she was very quickly digging a deeper and deeper hole for herself and the best course was simply to stop digging.

    As snp politico – looking to make the leap(!) from political groupie to political wannabe – that’s her choice. I will admit she is left looking lame because she cannot/will not answer a question about a topic she started.

    In turn it does mean rather that she looks somewhat stupid as well – but that’s still no reason for you to be personally abusive towards her by calling her a coward!!

    Have a nice day πŸ™‚

  • Integrity, good morning, as you are aware our deal was that I would answer your question as soon as Anne answered mine. As I predicted however the aspiring politician Anne Baird has point blank refused to answer my question on a topic that she started. Whilst a simple yes or no would have sufficed – but Anne simply abdicated responsibility for her own weasel words.

    It should therefore come as no surprise to you to learn that our deal unfortunately no longer exists because Anne has singularly failed to answer the question.

    But, the deal can and will be right back on the table just as soon as Anne answers the question.

    See if you can persuade her πŸ˜‰

    Have a nice day πŸ™‚

  • Scruff – that’s strange I thought what I posted was crystal clear. Apologies if it wasn’t clear enough for you, however, I must confess that without the use of crayons I really can’t make it any simpler.


  • Scruff – as a concise working definiton of politics Lasswell’s is as good as I’ve seen*. That does not mean I agree with everything else he ever did or ever said.

    There now Scruff that clear enough for you???

    The rest of the comments were of course the boringly predictable posts from the usual suspects/snp groupies and not worth responding to. So, I haven’t bothered.

    As I’ve said have a nice evening y’all πŸ˜‰

    *Scruff, please, feel free to provide you own definiton and share it. See it you can be as concise and do try work in Anne’s childish consensus thingy. I won’t hold my breath… πŸ™‚

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