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Hmmmmm, time to sharpen the claws me thinks… Caption …

Comment posted Council candidates, election battlegrounds and serious choices to be made by Crazy She-Bat.

Hmmmmm, time to sharpen the claws me thinks…

Caption competition time again, Ladies and Gents!

Danny Kelly – ‘the only candidate in these elections who can’ …..

Speak without moving his mouth.

Be as much use as a fart in a methane tank.

Not do any less than he has for the last 4 years ie nothing.

Fit in Ellen Morton’s pocket.

There I have started the ball a-rolling…

Winner gets a free trip on the Kilcreggan Ferry

Re: Maurice Corry – Rosneath – you are the Weakest Link! Goodbye! Only joking, maybe he thinks you are part of Inverclyde?

Just what we need – another ignorant Tory. If we get enough, can we privatise them too? 😆

Crazy She-Bat also commented

  • Could it not be more of a case of her answer not being the one you wanted to hear?

    Where do you stand on the whole Vivien Dance/I saved Parklands issue, which is as we all know an absolute out and out lie?

  • Did someone ask a question?
  • Well, been reading this and having a wee think (dangerous stuff, I know) and realised we all know plenty about what Simon doesn’t like, but not much about what he does.

    So Simon, out of all the candidates across the area, who would you recommend be elected – and why?

    Just being my usual curious self…

Recent comments by Crazy She-Bat

  • Hilarious council insight in Argyllhire Advertiser
    Guys, if you want hilarious, take a look at the “Sculpture” on the side of the new Helensburgh Council Offices. I laughed so hard my significant other thought it was time to phone the ambulance again lol

    My daughter is convinced it is evil and I dare say glowing red eyes would make that work a treat.

  • Baillie on latest figures for Royal Alexandra Hospital A&E waiting times
    The blame of this could be laid at multiple doors for repeated failure to protect and indeed advance the NHS services in this area.

    Tell me this, is there some way to get the geographical data from these figures as to who attended the RAH from North of the water and South? Wonder how that would change those figures if the Vale of Leven had an A & E again?

  • Baillie on latest A&E stats from Royal Alexandra Hospital
    As a recent patient in most of the hospitals in the West of Scotland, I think I am quite qualified to answer this from the punters point of view.

    First of all, anything that supports bringing A&E back to the Vale of Leven MUST be supported, by everyone in the political spectrum. There is a stretch of A82 between Milton and Bowling that makes this necessary. Roadworks or an accident in this stretch of road makes the whole of Dumbarton choke up and the place comes to a standstill. Ambulances can’t get through, let alone anything else. If it were you, would you want your loved one stuck on the A82 in the back of an ambulance with beleaguered but thank goodness we have them, Paramedics doing everything they can with their limited equipment? I was such a loved one recently and I thank my lucky stars there was no such delay in getting me over the river, there’s more than a good chance I would not be here typing this today.

    Another issue with this stretch of road is for getting ambulances on the way back from RAH to attend more emergencies, if the A82 is blocked up the other way as it takes no time to back up to Erskine – even something as simple as sunshine does that easily as half of Glasgow heads up the West Coast.

    Review of hospital staff in the 4 hospitals I have been in over the last couple of months – Superb. Everything to be proud about in the NHS. Doing a difficult job whilst being overstretched in every imaginable way. Every ward is full to choking. Patients are being sent home as soon as humanly possible and the beds filled as soon as they’ve been cleaned.

    There are a number of causes:

    Patients are being sent from hospitals all over Scotland to receive specialist care which they can’t get in hospitals closer to home.

    Patients being held in hospital because care packages are not being put in place quickly enough by agencies like Social Work etc.

    A&E departments not being available in more local hospitals.

    This list goes on…

    However, the answer to alleviate the RAH’s particular problem, is to re-open A&E services at the hospitals that now feed it. Its quite simply an overload problem. Too much of the population have to report there.

    I mean no disrespect to the fabulous RAH – Alexandria Paramedics and the RAH saved my life, but this is a service quite clearly at breaking point.


  • Scotification pros and cons
    Quite frankly, I’d rather settle for the BBC being devolved completely.
  • Luss really does give a toss
    Raining pancakes in Luss tomorrow. I’m going out with a large net lol Good luck to all taking part.

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