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Scots Renewables :- Fully in agreement with you. …

Comment posted Scottish government’s mad plan for rural parliament by Iain S MacLean.

Scots Renewables :- Fully in agreement with you. Can’t for the life of me understand where this beef fits in.

Iain S MacLean also commented

  • ForArgyll-perhaps!

    For-Rural-Argyll – perhaps not so much?

  • I have a considerable problem with term ‘teuchter’ as it is at least derogitary, certainly not PC and flies in the face of race relations.

    Please edit.

    Proud to be of Highland parentage and upbringing.

    Proud to have earned a living for over forty years to date in rural Highlands after city further
    education and subsequent employment.

    Proud to have developed ‘smart’ in order to overcome considerable obsticles put in the way of rural life.

    Impovement for future generation will only come via new collective representative bodies as those in the past have mostly failed.

    The name is unimportant.

  • Councillor George Freeman,

    A little surprised by apparent closed mind.

    Not your usual style.

    I beg you to re-consider.

    Whichever, keep up the good work.

  • Newsroom :- ”we need to start making things”

    Spot on, but equal billing must be given to:-


  • Right on,Barmore 2, LA’s mainly disfunctional and so let the horse run and see how this plays out – please,do not wish for it to stumble at the first fense.

    Let the debate begin.

    Can we find a way to better accountability and responsibility?

Recent comments by Iain S MacLean

  • Former Company Secretary concerned about viability of Oban Phoenix Cinema
    Lynda, Para 3, line 2 – a wee adjustment to accounts please. Ta.
  • Area Committee ‘Evening Surgery’ for Oban and Lorn
    As Oban North and Lorn’s newest Councillor I was not involved in past decisions BUT BE ASSURED that there is now a definite will amongst all of the Area Committee’s Councillors to engage meaningfully with our electorate, with a view to delivering better outcomes.
  • Oban North and Lorn by-election count under way: indications, analyses, result
    Lynda, No doubt strictly speaking there may be some merit in your analysis. BUT as a ‘Newsie’ didn’t your journalistic tendencies not think to factor in the weather conditions here yesterday, compounded by the early darkness of the evening.

    Anyway, for my part let bygones be bygones.

    I have been entrusted by my Electorate in an AV system to represent them and this I will endeavour to do, to the best of my abilities and energy. More I will represent all of our constituents equally for that is who I am.

    I only ask that you, Lynda, suspend judgement for a while, communicate with me and give me a fair crack of the whip until I, at least, learn the rules.

    May I thank the tremendous team representing SNP, other parties and none who worked tirelessly to afford me this opportunity and to YOU, the Voters who placed faith in me.

    We must learn to communicate better and this will be my first goal. Contact information will come early week.


    Iain Stewart MacLean

  • For Argyll challenge to Oban North and Lorn by election candidates

    Interesting, absolutely no e-mails from your organisation on May 8th but more curious none this morning either, as stated.


  • For Argyll challenge to Oban North and Lorn by election candidates

    It seems you insist on perpetuating the falsehood that I IGNORED and so failed to respond to an e-mail request from ForArgyll to contribute as a candidate to an article for the election in Ward 4.

    NO SUCH E-MAIL was received .

    In the interest of impartiality could you reply indicating to which e-mail address you forwarded the request along with a copy of said correspondence.


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