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Reading a copy of Sundays’ Herald at tea …

Comment posted New local leader, Roddy McCuish, says SNP has moved from protest to progress by Simple Simon.

Reading a copy of Sundays’ Herald at tea break and came across this – Education Minister Mike Russell had a very different vision when he was out of parliament. In his 2006 book, Grasping The Thistle, he called for flat taxes, privatisation of hospitals and the virtual dismantling of the welfare state. A true blue Tory.

Simple Simon also commented

  • This act needs a bit more work – we can still see Mike Russell’s lips move.

Recent comments by Simple Simon

  • Liberal Democrats: Does 5 MSPs make a ‘one nation’ party?
    Scruff on leadership and recent SNP sackings. This office viral really funny but perhaps a bit too intellectual for the dottie SNP. The winning leadership speech was

    I wanna be the leader
    I wanna be the leader
    Can I be the leader?
    Can I? I can?
    Promise? Promise?
    Yippee I’m the leader
    I’m the leader

    OK what shall we do?

    Mike Russell!!

  • SNP presents candidates, manifesto and leader-elect
    Take it where? If you drink that much in my pub, you get asked to go home.
  • SNP presents candidates, manifesto and leader-elect
    Pub gossip this time: James Robb will last three months at best. He will soon rebel against Roddy McCuish’s lack of intellect and Michael Russell’s control of the Council Group. Apparently SNP ambition under McCuish is to be a strong opposition. Russell talks about taking the Council. Should be great fun to watch!
  • LEAF meeting focuses on wind farms
    Office gossip is that SNP Council Group have kicked out leader Macintyre and Macuish takes over. Joke – SNP elect for opposition again. Walsh v Macuish – no contest.
  • McGrigor and Kelly say Machrihanish airbase community buy out at a crossroads
    Good on you Donald and Jamie. Now that real Labour in Glasgow have registered Glasgow First as a political party for Council elections will Argyll First do the same? Then can we have a Conservative to vote for here. Mulvaney won’t sort it out, can McGrigor now do something.

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