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I see that ForArgyll is saying that the …

Comment posted A83 to stay closed for now by Tarbert Saxon.

I see that ForArgyll is saying that the rest will be closed until tomorrow but the Transport Scotland site just says it will be closed “Foreseeable future. Further information will be posted as it becomes available”, which bears out my point in a previous post! Where do you get your information from? Regardless of any plans to resolve the problems at the Rest just being able to access up to date information from the official source would make my life easier!

The same thing applied during the recent power outages. The information provided by the power companies was woeful and what information they did provide was inaccurate or out of date. I would have been happy to have been told that the power would probably be off for 5 days – at least we could have planned ahead rather than simply sitting around waiting!

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    Thanks for keeping us updated. The information regarding the Rest seems to get posted here sooner than on the BBC or Traffic Scotland. The worst thing you c an do is ask the police – they are worse than useless! I am travelling back from London tonight so I will keep checking on ForArgyll (well at least until the 3G signal runs out at Dumbarton)
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    It looks like the auction is on 20th March. I am trying to contact the Tarbert community council to see if there is any appetite for this locally. I am also interested to know whether a similar option is available for another local landmark that has been closed and is in danger of falling into disrepair – The Columba Hotel.

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