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Can only one person use the same IP …

Comment posted Emergence of Kintyre and Gigha Marketing Group completes Argyll and the Isles jigsaw by John Sinclair.

Can only one person use the same IP address to post on here, but if a person uses a proxcy server then they can post under many user names. Passions do run high but could possible infringements be investigated first before made public.

John Sinclair also commented

  • “Looks like Linda’s post above is just so much hot air and that OLTA is still a closed shop, part of that cosy club we were talking about . . .”
    surely not!
  • Pole Position Internet Service Ltd
    I have noted “I also feel compelled to point out some truths and set the record straight on some of your (potentially) more misleading points.” and “I cannot comment on the Oban Times’ stance on your advertising. All I will say is that it has been a long time since I wasted 70p on buying a copy of this poor local comic!”.
    As at Thursday 7th June 2012, the price of The Oban Times and West Highland Times was 77 pence, was that the news paper you were meaning.
    “I apologise for this reply being ‘off topic’ but I will not sit back and let my company’s reputation be tarred with a brush when the brusher is not in possession of the full facts and makes unfounded accusations.” So is this fact that Obans local news paper is a “poor local comic”.
  • Scots Renewables
    In my view you have explained the situation very well and have noticed the lack of replies to your input. This topic no longer shows up on the home page under “Most Commented”. If I had to sum up this whole debate I would use your quote “Let’s face it, there is only room for so many snouts in the local trough.”.
    Thank you
  • Scots Renewables
    I find your last post very intriguing, the first person to question AISTP ability was flamed out. What I read from your post, there may of been negligence and sever lack of marketing experience. No wonder you then question the confidence level, but the most damming part is based on fact about Randak retaining control of the domain name, “Randak are almost certainly not bandits”, almost is a interesting word used in this context. Finally, by passing “the many highly professional Argyll-based web companies” well, I copied this from RandaK web site, maybe someone else could answer your question. Our council do not appear to hold your view on many highly professional Argyll-based web companies.
    “Argyll and Bute Council
    Market research demonstrates that Argyll is primarily known for it’s landscapes and coastal scenery. Randak created a graphic that captures this feel and this has formed the basis for us to be able to develop a stronger regional identity. We are now working together to develop a website facility for Argyll that can act as an invaluable promotional tool for the region.
    Fergus Younger – Argyll Area Agricultural Strategy Development Manager”
  • Mel Gibson are you implying Randak are bandits.
    Welcome to capitalism, how many of us are held to ransum every day, high fuel cost, high rent, vat 20%.

Recent comments by John Sinclair

  • The independence campaign: personal gains and loss
    Read my older posts Karl, you might just get a inkling of were I am going from were I have come.
    And for you Richard grow up for once, grow a pair of yesticles, your antics no longer have any amusement value left, enjoy snuggling into your processions. And finally this comment is for Robert, just go out and buy a bigger car, and then buy a bigger car, you will never ever be happy, you have no love in you, no happiness. They are not my words they are from a man whose house is
    filled with happiness and caring and love for everyone.“I lost the friends that needed losing / found others on the way.”
  • The independence campaign: personal gains and loss
    Karl what do I deserve, come on spit it out, if I give it I should be able to take it. Come on then what do I deserve, let everyone known, is your true personality coming out now. Just say it you will feel a lot better.
  • The independence campaign: personal gains and loss
    “now stop your nonsense”
    Strange, the Yes movement has driven that change you are talking about, without it the ruling hands of Westminster would still have a firm grip round all our throats, we are prising them away to let us all breath clearly once again. Some people are so selfish, just me,me,me.
  • The independence campaign: personal gains and loss
    Got to go, enjoy working abroad and using Scotland as a hotel and play thing when you pop back. We want change, we want a good future for the generations to come. We will put a stop to the export trade of the youth because there’s no hope left in their home nation. This is due to the greed of Westminster. Change is here, the yes movement has driven it, there is a society here we need each other we are on that road.
  • The independence campaign: personal gains and loss
    “Remember the silent Jnr…which way will they vote YOU do not know…”
    Talk of 97% register to vote, talk of 80% plus voting, a big block of people who didn’t even have a voice have registered to vote, many for the first time in their adult life. They are not going to stay silent for much longer.

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