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Also, just because Tarbert already has a marketing …

Comment posted on Emergence of Kintyre and Gigha Marketing Group completes Argyll and the Isles jigsaw by Nick

Also, just because Tarbert already has a marketing group, again which is prejudice in its members and just considers facebook and twitter to be all it needs, it is unacceptable to exclude a geographical location, this shows the inexperience of corporate fairness.

Although Machrihanish Dunes does have a habit of being able to secure vast amounts of money which would no doubt be advantageous, they dont seem to be able to reply to emails and when they do they comment sarcastically on its content.

Thats at least four marketing groups now in Kintyre, two for Kintyre itself, one in Tarbert, one in Carradale, and numbers of businesses already work together in a friends and round robin system for business.

It amazes me how people come along with their ‘experience’ and think that they can make a difference, let me tell you lol if it costs money its not likely to work, its the fundamental item that businesses small and large dont appear to have throughout Argyll and if they have, theyve been lying for years which would then make them dishonest and trustworthy.

If anyone is interested in being part of a marketing group where every business from homeworkers, shops, organisations and accommodation can have a say and a real digital presence with distance selling opportunities then take a look at which offers an alternative to the domineering controlling dictatorship Argyll and the Isles, or alternatively as there is no trademark for Argyll and the Isles, why not just register a domain name like so whenever they do any marketing your business can have lots of free marketing, you dont need to pay to be on the marketing group… Simples 😉

Enjoy free business 🙂 , that tip was brought to you by a web marketing professional 🙂

Nick also commented

  • Im just amazed at the allegations made regarding two people posting from separate computers are on and the same, why on earth would someone suggest such an act unless it was already abundant with the creators of For Argyll, simple reverse psychology would bring us to this very conclusion. Im sure we are all familiar with the ‘he who smelt it dealt it’ playground chant.

    I can appreciate that there will be opinions good and bad regarding For Argyll, it clearly operates a bullyish nature with regard to contribution, in my opinion no-one has operated in a professional way and i think Argyll would be For the better if this amateur delivery was no more.

    This is my final post and final use of For Argyll, a place where only a few are welome, and even fewer independent or different viewpoints are accepted, seems Argylls Euro even had immigration control in place already.

    Cheerio. Will be in touch regarding the privacy issue ( we are both still waiting for a copy of For Argylls Privacy Policy – if one exists?)….

  • I wonder how many of these posts are by the owners and content contributors of For Argyll afraid to come out of the ‘closet’. Its a little cowardly dont you think?

    Also the connections between the group responsible for For Argyll seems to be heavily connected with AISTP and organisations that seem to be acting and would i dare say profiting from social connections, conflict of interest, the same old story guys its not what you know its who you know that matters.

    Its amazing what you can find out about the For Argyll team when you ask the rght people, such a shame after the weekends unfortunate privacy issues thats its unprofessional delivery perhaps along with the sustainable future of the AISTP may be shortlived.

    Please confirm that this article has been provided by AISTP and that the For Argyll team has not created th article, its rather a derogatory article, slightly amateurish, have a wonderful holiday monday…

  • Im disappointed that i wasnt the first to post, although im pleased that im such a catch, should i be honoured or scared?
  • At last, thank you for encouragement and taking a step to consider what I have written (hoping it is genuine of course).

    The frustrating thing about the AISTP is that they are around 10 years behind the natural progression and requirements of marketing focusing on items that do not provide the necessary strategy to deliver prosperity to Argyll, as Alan Sugar stated this evening “you need to take good businesses to the USA as they are good at venture capitalism”, and I agree, there is no enterprise support structure in Argyll and nothing that considers and supports existing growth businesses, nothing of any discernable value anyway.

    The funding mechanism is also wrong, not to mention that the AISTP have chosen to get alot of their work paid for out of Argyll, as have Tarbert Harbour and Tarbert & Skipness Trust, millions of pounds if all lumped together with no jobs, no apprenticeships and no immediate impact in tourism.

    I can’t begin to go over the intricacies of modern marketing, business ethics, economics and growth strategies within rural environments, but what i can say is that there is an eggs and basket scenario that is unhealthy.

    I would love to know why AISTP operates anti-competitively, why arent they using local businesses, why are some businesses excluded, why do they attract funding for flawed marketing yet anyone else in the industry of any form is left out to dry that has a better (and more sustainable product)?

    Im unlikely to get any answers but in the last four or five years all I have heard is there is no money, no money, yet there has not been one large home grown export business that is sustainable and can support exponential growth of product manufacture, export, delivery and jobs. Loch Fyne Oyster bar which was the areas flagship even had huge debts and had to be sold to a Chinese company to stay trading I am to understand.

    Its this information that does not give me confidence in what is being delivered, and Argyll continually overlooks normal everyday people who have great ideas, great products and most of all there is a plagiouristic operation which removes all credit from people who create and develop ideas.

    Im afraid to say that there are some disappointing comparisions in Argyll, do you think its ok for the Cairnbaan Hotel to be involved in Heart of Argyll which is a conflict of interest, im sure if the hotel was in Oban they wouldnt be involved, yet I am not allowed the same opportunity to promote and provide a successful business.

    Life isn’t fair we know that, Argyll life verges on the comical based on social connections rather than an acceptance that sometimes someone else or someone elses strategy or product is better than the one that exists.

    Probably not much help but covers some points.

  • Not sure i understand, you’ll probably find alot of people dont like me, but alot of people dont like people who speak their mind in an open and honest fashion, i cant abide liars, gamesplayers or con artists, there are plenty of them around thats for sure.

Recent comments by Nick

  • Two bright marketing initiatives for Argyll and the Isles
    You say cohesive but the announcement that Kintyre & Gigha marketing group excludes towns and villages that already have marketing groups, so thats Carradale and Tarbert not allowed in by their own policy and admission on this website. That is exclusive not cohesive.

    So it becomes Campbeltown and Gigha marketing group. Marketing groups and organisations that operate an anti competitive and unfair policy are not at all welcome.

    And so the final piece falls in to Argylls Euro, if Argyll is pinning their hopes on West Scotlands answer to Europe, i think they should look at whats happening in Europe just now, sure there are winners, but big losers, its fundamentally floored, its hilarious, perhaps Mr Story fancies himself as the new First Minister, or perhaps hes all going to get us cheap wives from abroad from his Thai business, who knows….

    Peoples CVs rarely translate to action, im fortnate enough to smell rats and bull from many miles away, corrupion, prejudice, corruption, prejudice, welcome to Argyll folks.

  • Two bright marketing initiatives for Argyll and the Isles
    What website belongs to Webcraft??
  • Campbeltown and Dunoon – recession risk factors
    I really liked your statement about Kryptonite Iain, its absolutely true, i think there is an element of requiring a foot in each camp, however when it comes down to it, if anyone disagrees with them they ostracise anyone with an alternate and often correct view.

    The good lifestyle doesnt make up for the interfering types, that said third sector does contribute and play an important part, just not where commercial and entrepreneural development occurs.

    I would like to grow something in Argyll, connect with entrepreneurs to develop new export businesses, and work to enhance the survival rate of new businesses, the only way would likely to attract private investors outside the region, but this would give people the opportunity to do what they love, and do it well, without the private investment and stress, skills and oppressive tasks of running a business.

    If anyone is interested in this id be delighted to hear from anyone, just get in touch with

  • Two bright marketing initiatives for Argyll and the Isles
    Would you be calm after investing 10 years in a platform and business that is not welcome due to anti-competitive third sector organisations, and do you know why….. Because people in Argyll want everything for free….
  • Two bright marketing initiatives for Argyll and the Isles
    I agree, it seems that there is too much clinging on to power, my belief is because they are runnng business and organisations in an antiquated methodology and if they do relinquish any grip that people will see that actually people like you, i, and everyday people could do a significantly better job.

    The WW1 note is really interesting, it just shows how far we havnt really come in a 100 years.

    What i would love to know is why people in responsible posts are unable to act honestly, with trust, use businesses that provide professional services, or actively invite everyone for participation.

    I have a theory… Man creates opportunity, those that have the opportunity restrict opportunity, those who do not have opportunity create crime, man creates police to stop crime, man gets praise for stopping the crime that society creates…. A philosophical view that actually the results at the bottom of the social ladder are caused by those at the top. Do you know, i dont know one person on any committee that has a small house, it seems those that are on committees seem to have large houses, good jobs, money to spare, holiday homes and more…. And Argyll thinks that the AISTP will solve its problems, look at the European Union, isnt that the same thing…. Look how that turned out, i predict Oban And Inveraray will be the France and Germany of Argylls Europe, with Kintyre and Cowal being the Greece and Spain… It wont work, it never can.

    I appreciate For Argyll allowing me my ‘rant’ , and knowing that there are many views to one subject is very interesting, third sector always tries to isolate people and businesses making them reliant and no different from the slave trade….good wholesome discussion to address these issues is therapeutic.

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