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No VHF or RNLI for when things really …

Comment posted on Now see for yourself: For Argyll challenges anyone to say SPR plans for Argyll Array at Tiree are acceptable by Karl Hughes

No VHF or RNLI for when things really go wrong either Webcraft.

Karl Hughes also commented

  • LOL…:)

    I read somwhere that on average wind velocity drops at night…but do’t quote me…

    En route home…catch you soon. Karl

  • I am not sure Robert…but it would have to be a pretty huge battery…worth looking into simply to be amazed !

    When I say battery…I am refering to pump storage.

  • Will more Glens have to be flooded to provide a “battery” facility for wind…or is the possibility of an export cable to Norway part of this plan ?
    If this does become the case…then the environmental footprint of wind is a true can of worms that needs further review…we will have folks all over Scotland and maybe Norway too… becoming NIMBY by proxy.
    Rather than in my case NIMBY by necessity.
  • Hi I am just going on the JNCC/and Dipper 1981 documents. I would presume the higher oxygenation is due to the swell breaking over so many skerries in the Skerryvore area, the large tidal races, the near continual pounding of an Atlantic swell on shallow water…

    “Are you saying the waters of Tiree are SUPER SATURATED with oxygen” No…you have said that…I did not say that please read my post again !

    Also note the other contributing factors for good conditions, seabed, cover…kelp etc. It takes, I presume many contributing factors to make a sustainable and varied ecosystem…one of these being above average (whatever average is) O2 levels.

  • SPR’s EIA is ongoing…seems that SPR are trying to fill in any percieved gaps…lets remember JNCC etc are out there to find out what should or needs to be protected…SPR are out there to look at mitigation…or to look and see if mitigation is possible !
    And yes if this project goes ahead…the damage will happen, at seabed/beneath the waves and on the surface…SPR are only now realising how much damage will occur.
    Ultimately how much environmental damage are the Scottish Government willing to allow for 6.5 billion GBP ?…and does SPR really want want to end up having world wide headlines saying it is going ahead with damaging areas already noted to be in need of full protection…It will do nothing for offshore wind renewables, or the green credentials this multi national uses to support it’s projects. The Scottish government also have to realise that this development is a step to far.

Recent comments by Karl Hughes

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    So Keitho… as promised I visited Tobe, to check that rock out that you hide under, and get that pint off you and your cybernat buddies…seems quite a few folk know you as being all wind and no content…. SNP suits you… poped in your “frequented” boozer… lol… you really do live the dream don’t you.
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    To all of those who have bought into the SNP’s poor governance:


  • First meeting of Scotland’s Refugee Task Force
    Iraq ? more problems ? I don’t think its in any doubt that this part of the world will have more problems…
    I accept that there would be no assistance from the UK govnt… it takes a bit of soul searching to come to places like this … something I would not expect your ilk to understand….somebody needs to come here…and some of us were asked to come here by Iraq.
    You individuals are part of the problem NC/K… you can never be expected to be part of the solution… you simply do not have the necessary skills or life experience.
  • Cameron to make the worst possible decision on refugees
    Jazz, you and your policies are in fact condemning more innocent and desperate people to death.

    Merkels economic based decision is condemning more “migrants and “refugees” to abuse and death while seeking to travel to the EU.

    Taking “real” desperate cases into our countries can alleviate some of the hardship these people are going through ( Families/Old/Young) solving these issues at source is the only realistic humanitarian option that makes sense… multiplying the aid given to the UN camps, vetting at these camps for the most needy cases… these camps are safe Jazz, have you ever visited a refugees camp ??? I have, many.

    The countries dealing with the Middle Eastern strife and at breaking point are Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon these should be the benefactors of much needed foreign aid… and that is what we are providing and plan to provide more of, not only tents and clothes…but also teachers and doctors… the refugees in these camps are with people of the same ethnic and cultural background…and that helps these people with some semblance of normality until the issues raised by IS are resolved…

    To answer your initial question as to if I “sleep at night” yes I do… 3 or 4 years ago when the local Shia and Sunni where knocking shit out of each other I did not sleep so well… but Basrah is now a dammed sight more peaceful than then, safe even… the economy is growing and the infrastructure is coming back online… there are no starving or suffering people here now… yet daily young guys, the educated and professional folk are packing up and moving with the exodus north towards Europe… this has implications for us at home, but also massive implications for Iraq… its is causing a national brain drain … a drain on Iraqi national resources that is filled by foreign workers like myself.

    And now because a photo of one of the thousands of dead children has hit home at your previous head in the sand mentality, the left… narcissistic, “I” really care factions are stuffing these people …you feel en mass that you have to be seen to “care”… if you cared you would not be asking these people to risk all in some sort of EU green card lotto death walk…. Wake up and open you dammed eyes.

  • Cameron to make the worst possible decision on refugees
    So what do you suggest Mr Jazz ?
    Do we take the refugees or do we take the economic migrants ? or both ? hows about some thought out comments from you ….

    Merkel has put all of the exodus parties in the same pot, lessening the available support for the refugees from war and giving more to the migrants from poverty…. at some point we have to make choices as to who we can help,….oh and if you have not noticed Germany and Austria have now too shut their borders…

    There is nothing nationalist or racist about what I have posted… realist yes.

    Far from saving peoples lives…Merkel has sentenced more people to death in the Med and crossing the Sahara.

    Maybe you would like to contribute to the solution to all of this hardship Jazz…maybe you have some thoughts of your own……then again, maybe you do not.

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