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So it’s a wonder to me why I …

Comment posted Herald promotes SPT Daytripper journey via Helensburgh ferry? by Robert Wakeham.

So it’s a wonder to me why I haven’t seen you raise these major issues already, rather than saving your comments for what’s really nothing more than a bit of nitpicking – accuracy is important, but getting to the stage of distinguishing between residents of Rosneath and residents of the Rosneath peninsula, in this context, is surely getting a bit anal? Don’t you need to concentrate your energies on the real point, the way in which what should be several passenger ferry links on this part of the Clyde have been comprehensively mismanaged by SPT?

Robert Wakeham also commented

  • Could it be that SPT has been corrupted by a hostile alien force to cause maximum damage to the economic and social well being of the communities around the shores of the Clyde, under the nose of a supine national government?
  • So what – you think those people had no right to protest? you think that the ferry service is fine? are you rooting for SPT? – is it a case of ‘don’t rock the boat boys, remember where your money comes from? just what sort of blinkers are you wearing, and who put them there? Compared with the misinformation in the timetables, and the misinformed piece in the Herald, this is nothing.
  • It’s as if SPT’s concept of an integrated public transport system doesn’t extend beyond buses and trains, and it beggars belief; they should be sent on a study tour (of the genuine – rather than junket – variety) of Scandinavia at their own expense, to find out how to do it.

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