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…and if you really want to pay for …

Comment posted Devo Plus: enter the Trojan Horse by morag.

…and if you really want to pay for your prescriptions….try going private.

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  • neil

    You are funny!

    The story is……..watching the uk government destroying the NHS in England.

    Watching private security being “invited to tender” for front line policing in England.

    Watching as austerity measures re L A’s biting in England.

    Watching as welfare “reform” hits those with most to lose.

    Watching as the uk government “saves” while bankers don’t.

    Watching as D Cameron tells the Nation that this is for “our” benefit.

    I’ve shown you mine… you show me yours!!!

  • Integrity

    Good post.I think that you have a fairly accurate handle on the situation.

    As for Devo +- or whatever,the anti-independence parties are all over the place with too many confusing scenario’s.

    Despite these parties efforts,none of them can implement any. D Cameron has offered “something” if a no vote occurs.

    Personally,I wouldn’t hang my hat on anything that comes from these load of eejits!

  • neil It’s because you used those letters!

    The ones that say S.N.P.

    You know….them that’s in Government.The one’s that were voted for by ….wait for it…….the voters!!!!

  • for Kats Komments

    Well done. I read your comment. I replied to your comment.

    Please re-read mine again.In particular the point at the very end.That means testing costs MORE than giving EVERYONE free prescriptions.

    The part about costs is where your whole argument falls down.The Government have used money saved from inappropriate means testing to apply it to other sections of the budget.

    Education is now tuition free.Why would we saddle students with any debt at all? Why not take the worry of debt out of the equation?

    And if I were you,I’d be embarrassed to admit to being a woman,with children,with that attitude.Compassion hah!

  • You are ,of course,entitled to your opinion.

    But what on earth gives you the right to make statements that are so utterly ***p

    Where are these mythical people who can afford all prescriptions,personal care,university tuition?

    What happened to compassion for our fellow man?

    You make typically unreasoned,unresearched accusations and state that as opinion?
    Please point to these people who are obviously making your life a misery!!!

    The reason,easy to find in Gov. documents,that these so called “freebies” were introduced across the board,is basically down to cost. If you go down the route of means testing,sure,you will find that many are exempted,BUT many are not.

    Perhaps you being a business man can understand costcutting?

    …end of!!!!

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