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So, if Newsroom is wrong, what does the …

Comment posted Research reveals shock insights into reality of Dunoon ferry service provision by DunoonLad.

So, if Newsroom is wrong, what does the contract and subsidy rules say exactly? A few “experts” are saying that nobody else knows the facts apart from them it seems. Why not let us all know the true facts then!

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  • To ferryman – I didn’t realise that the contract would have been in the public domain – thought it would have been confidential. Yes, making comments like why don’t they use the old pier all the time – now you know for definate! Need to study document.
  • Thanks Jim – only 94 pages short! It mentions grants for ships, but think they have to be re
    -paid. Interesting read so far.
  • Simon, yes the news outlets to-day seem to thrive on stories that are usually just stories!
  • Robert, unfortunately a brand new rail station has recently been built, and this involves a very long walk for passengers using the linkspan at Gourock. The station should have been located at the Cal-Mac headquarters site, which was going to relocate to Oban some years ago, if I remember correctly. This would have provided a transport hub suitable for the 21st century. It seems that those in charge of transport at the moment have no joined up thinking regarding these vital connections.
  • There is a distinct lack of comments about the announcement that Alex Neil has told Argyll ferries to replace the Ali Cat with a vehicle ferry. Is this not the solution that so many people have demanded? Is there a catch to this news that has not been made public?

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