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Did Western not accept the Rover tickets for …

Comment posted Russell stance on Argyll Ferries raises serious questions by DunoonLad.

Did Western not accept the Rover tickets for a period? Surely some agreement could be put in place to include Western’s Dunoon service in the scheme?

DunoonLad also commented

  • @Dave MH – yes, what you want WOULD have been the popular choice. The present situation is completly different. A private operator will have been on the route for 40 years in 2013! The rules have had to be changed because of this, and European Regulation. Time to wake up and realise it is now 2012. Yes, the passenger service needs sorted, but probably not by a new vehicular service. Cal-Mac probably added to this situation by the way they ran the service e.g. Ticket restrictions, staff attitude, account keeping etc. Better boats, better passenger shore facilities including means of boarding, especially the distance to walk at Gourock. How this service can be in a modern Scotland is totally unacceptable. And remember, by this time next year, Western should be operating their two new ferries, which should resolve any capacity issues.
  • A vehicle service from Dunoon to Gourock is now a dead duck!

Recent comments by DunoonLad

  • HIE opens new business hosting facility at Sandbank near Dunoon
    At nearly £2 million for the building, I’m sure the locals could have suggested far better uses for that kind of money. Along with the multi-millions spent on installing a white elephant link span, this seems like a disastrous misuse of what is public money. One project that would surely come to mind, would be a bike centre to support the new cycle tracks on the hills above Dunoon, which have attracted large numbers at recent events. Surely support should be given to projects that are already progressing, rather than hoping for new ones, that may never start.
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    Given all the lies that were told before both referendums, I can see why voters think that both results are not really what they wanted to happen. Catch 22.
  • Transport Minister says next Gourock Dunoon ferry contract will bring bigger vessels to the route
    Interesting that the new contract is worth 50 million, four companies will be invited to tender, and Kilcreggan may be included. 40 metre boats landing vehicles at Kilcreggan?
  • Transport Minister says next Gourock Dunoon ferry contract will bring bigger vessels to the route
    Say two new build ships at total approx £10 million, the operator would have to make a profit of around £850.000 each and every year of the contract, just to pay for the ships. Operator would also presumably be looking to make a profit on top of that as well, otherwise what’s the point of them operating.
  • Transport Minister says next Gourock Dunoon ferry contract will bring bigger vessels to the route
    Have to agree with you Jerry. Think the main issue here is that the Government for some unknown reason, seem to be listening to the ferry action group, who are realistically made up of only a few hundred at most people. Their group I’m sure, are not pursuing what the population of Cowal ( c 8000 ) voted for many years ago, and used Western’s services far more than Cal Mac’s. Yes, push for a reliable passenger service, but the group have wasted several years, after how many tenders that told them that no operater was there for a vehicle service.

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