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Did Western not accept the Rover tickets for …

Comment posted Russell stance on Argyll Ferries raises serious questions by DunoonLad.

Did Western not accept the Rover tickets for a period? Surely some agreement could be put in place to include Western’s Dunoon service in the scheme?

DunoonLad also commented

  • @Dave MH – yes, what you want WOULD have been the popular choice. The present situation is completly different. A private operator will have been on the route for 40 years in 2013! The rules have had to be changed because of this, and European Regulation. Time to wake up and realise it is now 2012. Yes, the passenger service needs sorted, but probably not by a new vehicular service. Cal-Mac probably added to this situation by the way they ran the service e.g. Ticket restrictions, staff attitude, account keeping etc. Better boats, better passenger shore facilities including means of boarding, especially the distance to walk at Gourock. How this service can be in a modern Scotland is totally unacceptable. And remember, by this time next year, Western should be operating their two new ferries, which should resolve any capacity issues.
  • A vehicle service from Dunoon to Gourock is now a dead duck!

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