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It will be a major oversight if the …

Comment posted First Minister announces ‘radical rethink’ on land reform by Derek Pretswell.

It will be a major oversight if the Land Reform Group does not have Andy Wightman amongst their ranks.

Derek Pretswell also commented

  • You are so right Graeme – it’s just the beginning…and these are exciting times for those who wish to build a better future.
  • Jamie

    I think you are correct. I personally will be voting yes but wish to see real change beyond the finacial benefits. I do not wish to see politics as usual post independence. I was speaking to someone about what would happen if one won a substantial amount of money; I don’t think I would be saying let’s get the roof repaired or someone in to decorate the house, I think I would be saying let’s have a new build, and sometimes I think that when political parties are given the political reins I think they concentrate on fixing the roof. Well, post independence, I want a new build.

  • Well said John.
  • Do I perhaps here a call for Land Rental Value?

    However, like all these things they are not stand alone components, We are having these discussions in the absence of a holistic vision, which as to be based on man’s interaction with the environment. I keep banging on about so apologise for banging on yet again, we need to develop an exploitation/economic model which places the environment first and learns to live off its agenda. A model which optomises rather than maximises and one that plays to our environmental strengths.

  • I hope this policy review will not be ignored as was the Land Commission report of 1997. Words of caution for the establishment figures, this should be holistic and geared towards where we want to be rather than what do we want to fix.

    We live in exciting times with a referendum looming, here is a chance to build a future please let’s not waste it by tinkering with existing institutional monoliths. If we have to, let’s blow them away and replace them with organisations fit for purpose in the new vision.

    Community councils are not fit for purpose, empower them, they are the democratic base for their community, crofting groups, economic groups should be part of the community councils which take in all members of the community. Remember, community is a behavioural concept not a demographic one. Communities are made up of individuals, they want control over their lives and predictability in their resources so they can plan for their future. Community ownership has to give THEM that power and not be a replacement landlord, where a commitee rather than a laird decides what they can do.

    And landownership reform is weakend in the absence of landuse reform. We have underestimated the biological potential of the Highlands and we have anchored this underachievement with subsidy and scientific designation. If we make the land the best it can be, let it reach its biological potential, learn to live off the annual interest from this biological capital, then we can build a future that will last for the people who live here. So please let’s not catalogue the disasters, lets look towards what the biological system is capable of achieving and build the democratic social structures that will enable people to thrive in this northern environment. PS. have look at Norway.

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    Aldous Huxley said “there are things that are known and things that are unknown and in between are the doors of perception” There is a great danger that we treat the perceived as fact and speculation as reality and who wins? I suspect the people who are looking for blood on the floor. Let’s deal with the real issues facing the electorate and not the issues that stimulate political anoraks. Let’s move forward and make Argyll the best it can be for everyone.
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    It serves no one, unionist or nationalist to ‘debate’ without respect for other views or the right of other people to hold them, or to use phrases like nationalist poison or indeed unionist poison. For Argyll, the onus is on you to prevent the blogs from turning poisonous themselves, you have a responsibility. Perhaps a start is to make all bloggers accountable by using their real names.
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