They do a great take on ‘The Twelve …

Comment posted And have you heard: ‘Argyll and Bute – the NeverSeconds Song’ by Robert Wakeham.

They do a great take on ‘The Twelve days of Christmas’

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  • So what has damaged MV Loch Seaforth been up to?
    I was once sitting out on the aft deck of Western Ferries’ ‘Sound of Jura’, returning from Islay on a summer evening, when the boat unexpectedly performed a complete circle – and Arthur Blue emerged from the engine room door, looked around, scratched his head, and disappeared back down the ladder whence he’d come. We soon continued on our way without further incident – these things happen.
  • Communities Secretary on prompt to intervene with revaluation of Castle Toward
    Goodwill? – Dick Walsh?
  • How not to sell oil
    Just chance that the ‘United Kalavryta’ is the Greek tanker carrying the oil, but the name is topical, to say the least, in major political events that could have as much impact on us here in Argyll as the price of oil.
    Kalavryta is a small mountain town in the northern Peloponnese, above the southern shores of the Gulf of Corinth, and has a terrible history, being the site of one of the worst of the Glencoe-style reprisal massacres by German forces during WW2.
    The mountain country around Kalavryta was a centre of Greek resistance, and so the entire male population over the age of 12 – nearly 700 people – was massacred and the town torched, but the German commanders responsible were never brought to justice.
    I just wish that the German politicians sounding off about the current financial situation in Greece had engaged their brains, and chosen their words more carefully, before going on a rant about fiscal rectitude.
    I seem to remember learning that it was a similar level of hubris amongst European politicians over the post WW1 financial collapse of Germany that launched Hitler’s career.
  • Giggle factor on the rise as Stornoway guesthouse runs competition to guess start date of new ferry
    If there is an issue, it means that there’s been a gross failure to coordinate the design of boat and berth – not for the first time on the West Coast, in recent years.
    Pretty elementary stuff to get wrong, if this is in fact what’s happened.
  • Giggle factor on the rise as Stornoway guesthouse runs competition to guess start date of new ferry
    Time for the local MSP to dig out the facts of the matter.

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    • Thank you Simon. I’m sorry I missed this for every possible reason.
      I personally had not seen your link. We share comment moderation duty so who sees what depends on who’s doing it.
      Walter Burton phoned us and so told me about this direct.
      We’re very glad of information like this and to see it shared as you did.

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  1. That was excellent and hopefully it will also go viral around the world. Perhaps then Ms Sally Loudon and Clelland Sneddon will fall on their swords!!

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