They do a great take on ‘The Twelve …

Comment posted And have you heard: ‘Argyll and Bute – the NeverSeconds Song’ by Robert Wakeham.

They do a great take on ‘The Twelve days of Christmas’

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  • Problems with both pro-indy and pro-union campaigns
    I think you’re insulting Anne Baird.
  • Cumberland Avenue Helensburgh 8.30am this morning – in go council contractors under police escort
    Good news – but it’s unthinkable that the council won’t recover its costs (in full, including existing and future legal costs) from the ‘developers’.
  • Patricia Ferguson asks about those evacuated during Red Road Flats blow-down for Games ceremony
    More than an ‘interesting story’, richard, sounds to me like a cry from the heart – and fits in with my impression of Glasgow, in terms of the City Council – all fur coat and no knickers would be putting it ever so politely.
    If you don’t believe me, next time you’re in town have a good look at the state of disrepair of the pavements, even in busy areas of the city centre (for example, Hope Street between Central Station and Sauchiehall Street, maladministered by Glasgow City highways Department.
    Take a seat at one of the pavement cafes on the north side of Royal Exchange Square, and have a good look at the state of gross disrepair of the carved stonework on the cornices of the old Royal Exchange (now the Museum of Modern Art, maladministered by Glasgow Council Museums Department)
    Walk from Buchanan Bus Station along Cathedral Street to the Royal Infirmary, and find your way repeatedly blocked by massive advertising panels like giant tombstones, set at right angles to the street bang in the middle of the pavement, where they cause the maximum obstruction (maladministered presumably by Glasgow City Highways Department, probably to someone’s enrichment)
    I propose that these things are blown up, as a service to the common people. But the Glasgow city councillors would’t know about the common people, would they (outside election time)?
  • Tobermory Lifeboat: 17 hour shout in 180 mile rescue of cargo boat drifting south of Tiree
    I wonder if perhaps the tow parted, and Balder Viking is now just escorting – Wilson Gdynia is fishtailing, whereas the tug is on a straight course.
  • Going well: Western and Northern Isles’ three days of serious talks in London on devolution
    Darliata? – get an education, H20.

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    • Thank you Simon. I’m sorry I missed this for every possible reason.
      I personally had not seen your link. We share comment moderation duty so who sees what depends on who’s doing it.
      Walter Burton phoned us and so told me about this direct.
      We’re very glad of information like this and to see it shared as you did.

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  1. That was excellent and hopefully it will also go viral around the world. Perhaps then Ms Sally Loudon and Clelland Sneddon will fall on their swords!!

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