They do a great take on ‘The Twelve …

Comment posted And have you heard: ‘Argyll and Bute – the NeverSeconds Song’ by Robert Wakeham.

They do a great take on ‘The Twelve days of Christmas’

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  • So much for JOMO as businesses demand Scottish Government enables mobile phone mast upgrades
    Yes, there were certainly people with justifiable objection to valleys being flooded – but the overall intent was public investment in hydro power and a distribution network for the common good.
    And I’m not sure that what happened leading up to 2008 was as simple as ‘an entire nation falling asleep at the wheel’ – the entire nation wasn’t at the wheel, it was the movers and the shakers in the political and financial services firmament.
    I see one of them – Gordon Brown – has just resurfaced.
  • So much for JOMO as businesses demand Scottish Government enables mobile phone mast upgrades
    The story of bringing electricity to highland communities is surely an example of the ‘one nation’ philosophy at work, as was Thatcher’s use of oil revenues (however much this is now condemned).
    But the enrichment of the London and Ednburgh financial communities, at the expense of the financial health of ‘the common man’ since 2008, is surely an example of the reverse.
  • Indy and the Monarchy
    How d’you mean, ‘protecting the unspeakable’?
  • Indy and the Monarchy
    I don’t have it back to front at all – I’m sure that the Israelis would be keen to see Assad & co get their comeuppance, and the way I read it is that Russian pride, obduracy and cynicism led to them protecting the unspeakable – and as soon as pouring fuel on the flames fired up the extremists to jump in it became much less easy for moderate nations to give material support to the uprising. So don’t accuse me of having it back to front, just to rationalise your view of Russia.
  • Indy and the Monarchy
    You distort the history of the Syria tragedy – it started with local, peaceful demonstrations against brutal and corrupt local officials, and those grassroots protests didn’t involve funding by anyone.
    It was only after Assad’s junta started their brutal crackdown, supported by Russia, that the floodgates opened and the Islamic extremists muscled in to make it their war, without much regard to the impact on the local people.
    Russia, by it’s support of a thugocracy, has opened the floodgates to extremist Islamic nutters, and (as in Bosnia) sowed the seeds for young moslems in the West to become radicalised.
    Did Putin, Lavrov & co. really not see this coming? They’d already seen what happened in Chechnya. Did they not consider the impact of idealistic young moslems in Western Europe becoming radicalised? – remember Glasgow airport.
    Do you think Putin & co are stupid? I doubt it – in his case, there’s resentment at Russia’s loss of power and territory, and I’m sure there’s personal vanity – he’s not the ‘superman’ that he likes to be portrayed, and this was clear in his handling of the Kursk submarine disaster.

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    • Thank you Simon. I’m sorry I missed this for every possible reason.
      I personally had not seen your link. We share comment moderation duty so who sees what depends on who’s doing it.
      Walter Burton phoned us and so told me about this direct.
      We’re very glad of information like this and to see it shared as you did.

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  1. That was excellent and hopefully it will also go viral around the world. Perhaps then Ms Sally Loudon and Clelland Sneddon will fall on their swords!!

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