Info about Tiree Ultramarathon

Info about Tiree Ultramarathon

Argyll is famous for its great place and panoramic views. There are many places to visit and explore in Argyll for people who love nature. In this September, actually there is also special event that can be chance to enjoy the beauty of Argyll, especially the area of Tiree. Island of Tiree is one of the great spots to explore since it has great beaches and panorama of the sea that is so beautiful to enjoy. People can spend hours and even days to stay in this island to see the beautiful panorama and experiences in this island. there is also clear blue sky to make the view more perfect to see.

People who want to have different way in experiencing special moment in this island can join the Tiree Ultramarathon. As its name, this is not just a common marathon. This marathon is dedicated for people who have great desire to explore this whole island. This is ultramarathon since participants of this marathon will enjoy the moment of running while exploring the whole area of this island. there are route as long as 35 miles. This is great chance to explore the island and get the great health and exercise experience.

The race will not be regular race. There will be great challenges to find in all along the road and rute. This race itself will be started at 8 in the morning and its starting point will be on Sorobaidh Beach. People will get the good starting point since this is also beautiful beach in this island. With this opportunity, participants can enjoy the great track of marathon while enjoying the panorama offered by this island. Of course, this is not just for local people. Participants from many places can join this ultramarathon as long as they have registered first. Surely, this can be great way to enjoy the beauty of Argyll, especially the Tiree Island.

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