Fun Facts of Argyll so You Want to Stay


Fun Facts of Argyll so You Want to Stay – Have you ever heard of Argyll before? Yes, it is the place that Paul McCartney said in his song ‘Mull of Kintyre’. If you have a plan to go to Argyll for the next trip, you should read these fun facts first. You will be more excited to go to Argyll, and maybe you want to stay here if you find this place fascinating enough.
• Fascinating View
Argyll is blessed with a natural fascinating view both on land and water. This fascinating view can be seen in one of James Bond’s movie ‘From Russia with Love’. Sean Connery and Daniella Bianchi were chased on beautiful Argyll hills which shows only a little part of the fascinating view.

Oban, the town in Argyll is claimed by Queen Victoria as one of the most excellent spots. This claim is entirely accurate since this town is a port town with an incredible view of Loch Linnhe. There are some castles and towers which gives a majestic sense to this town.

• Seafood Headquarter
Argyll, especially Oban, has the best and various seafood offerings. You can find seafood anywhere, and you can fulfil your desire to eat seafood. You will definitely be satisfied with the quality just like players are satisfied with the jackpots and games from here.

Argyll is well-known for exporting shellfish to many areas across Europe. Yet, they also save their best-quality seafood for their own local restaurants. Even, this place is called as ‘Seafood Capital of Scotland’ since they serve the best fish, scallops, crabs, squid, lobsters, and oysters.

• A Kind of Holy Place
The very famous cave on Davaar Island is known for the painting of crucifixion on its wall. Before, the fishermen believed that this painting is a sign of God, yet is it true? Well, later they found out that the painting is a masterpiece of a local art teacher. The artist was expelled from the area. The reason was that the fishermen were angry that such holistic painting had been created by a mere mortal. However, the artist was allowed to come back to restore the art, and it becomes the main attraction in Davaar Island.

Beautiful view, delicious food, and attractions are well-enough reasons for you to go to Argyll and stay there. The fascinating area will never bore you out and, at the same time, you will find calmness.