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Where is Heart of Argyll Tourism Alliance in …

Comment posted on Argyll and the Isles hits warp speed by Jane Allan

Where is Heart of Argyll Tourism Alliance in all this?

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  • Castle Toward campaigner challenges Russell to defend Scottish Government decision
    I hope whatever happens to Castle Toward, that it is a better outcome than when Glasgow City Council sold Achnamara Outdoor Centre. After being a well run resource, giving employment and economic benefit to our fragile rural community and allowing many people to experience outdoor pursuits in a very beautiful area, it has lain empty for years with no prospect of any development or use for the forseeable future. The building is now a boarded up eyesore and cause of dismay to those who visit, remembering the great times they had in Achnamara on school visits from the city.
  • Two new beavers added to Knapdale trial
    ‘A pilot study, conducted with objective integrity and trusted to do so by both sides of the debate’. What a brilliant idea – what a pity we don’t have such a thing for the Knapdale Beaver Trial.
  • Argyll’s home making Knapdale beavers
    There is a well established waymarked forest walk which was re-designated “The Beaver Detective Trail’ within yards of the beaver dam and the beaver lodge but it is now impassable due to the damming and flooding activities of the beavers. The beavers have been released in an area which is popular with locals and visitors alike and one of their remits was to increase tourism to the area. Now we are being told we mustn’t go anywhere near them! Well sorry folks, if you want to see how beavers cope with living in a working forest where people have been encouraged to visit, the beavers will have to cope with humans being in the vicinity.

  • Turns out I was wrong. The Coille Bharr and Loch Linne beavers were indeed from Edinburgh Zoo and Highland Wildlife Park and came from an importation in February 2008, before the licence was granted. So many of the November 2008 importation died in quarantine, that only one family of three was left intact and that is the family that failed to settle in Creag Mhor loch and went walkabout. The project partners did not want to publicise the deaths in quarantine so did not make it known that the other two families were not from the same group. Currently there are one or two beavers at large and although their whereabouts have been known since September, they have not been captured yet. The Coille Bharr beavers have flooded the beaver detective trail and moved out of Coille Bharr and onto the adjacent Dubh Loch where they have built a lodge. The Loch Linne beavers have built a dam but it has been destroyed by the Project to lower water levels. I’ll happily give a guided tour to anyone who would like to see what the beavers have done in six months. Wellies or waders will be necessary.
  • Beavers, clearances, sugar, slaves, social climbing and homecoming
    While it may be reasonable to be held accountable for what our children do, none of us can change the past. Doubtless we all have ancestral skeletons in our cupboards and I find the tone and content of this article objectionable in the extreme.

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