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Twenty green thumbs up from me …

Comment posted on Pilots concerned on wind farm generated air turbulence by Malcolm Kirk

Twenty green thumbs up from me

Malcolm Kirk also commented

  • Do you mean that, pompous, over bearing, self obsessed,self opinionated, chap who can’t resist telling everyone else exactly why they are in the wrong – do you mean that chap ? Maybe he bailed out because he was losing – that’s the usual reason.
  • Please Miss! Please Miss! – Can I be known as a ‘Scottish anti-wind activist’
  • Just had a wee look at SR’s website headline which says :- ‘ Why bother when China is building new Coal Fired Power Stations’. Says it all really !
  • Glad to know you are bang up to date webcraft/SR – we bow to your superior knowledge – well at least up to 2004. The rest of us however are aware of China’s massive expansion since then – at one point they were reported to be building a new coal fired power station every week – and may very well still be doing so. Please try and avoid your usual personal abuse if replying – or actually at this stage you could just exit stage left – just like the doc.
  • And its ‘little us’ who are paying out near enough £475 million pounds per annum at the moment to subsidise useless windmills – a figure which thanks to the SNP will be trebled or quadrupled within a few years. Global warming is not that bad that’ little us’ have to be sacrificed. If Scotland didn’t have any wind farms do you really think the rest of world would be worse off ? You will of course say yes – but there is a gathering majority that are realising the obvious and will say NO !
    For Scottish politicians to put the the rest of the world before the well being of their own people, their finances, their country side, is absolutely disgraceful.The world is not about to end because of what is mainly happening naturally in the atmosphere. Global Warming is being bandied about by mouths looking for a cause, and that includes the so called professionals who continually try and talk down to their elders and betters.

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  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Did you see this headline :- “Woman of the people ‘Mhairi Black’ claimed £13,350 for 39 Business Class flights to and from London “
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    It was made public by journalists so it must be true ! ! ! !
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    There are 25 million homes and therefore 25 million license holders in the UK. That can fairly be translated as 25 million ‘shareholders’ in a public company. As the subscribers they deserve to be informed with fair and balanced news which is not happening – see todays headline ! Incidentally did you see the report of a few days ago that BBC reporters are paid about 40% more than the reporters working for other news media i.e. Sky, ITV, Channel 4 etc. Now that would have made a interesting headline for consideration by the ‘shareholders’.
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Seemingly can’t annoy anybody enough to contradict / argue / comment – so that’s me gone !
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    Morning all ! As nothing else of interest is happening I’ll just mention something from yesterday which convinces me that the BBC is a real and threatening Political Party. One person out of the 60 million odd in this country voiced a personal opinion – not backed up by anything or anyone else – he said he thought Boris Johnston had not really wanted Brexit. I repeat – one person in over 60 million without any corroboration on any sort and yet the Biased Broadcasting Corporation made it their online national news headline for much of the day. It’s not that they attacked Boris necessarily, it’s their total arrogance that they think they could do this to anyone they don’t like, thereby politically influencing the opinions of the viewing and listening public.That’s not in their Charter !

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