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The World At One beat BBC Scotland with …

Comment posted Council issues prompt response on Martha Payne’s NeverSeconds clampdown by Lundavra.

The World At One beat BBC Scotland with the retraction, they were told in an interview that the ban on photography was immediately revoked but BBC Scotland only added it on the end of their report five or ten minutes later.

Lundavra also commented

  • “National press” seems to be just the Daily Record, have any other newspapers tried to blame the dinner ladies.

    The people of Argyll (and further afield) should follow the Merseyside example and have a boycott of the Daily Record (perhaps until they give a very large donation to Mary’s Meals as an apology)?

Recent comments by Lundavra

  • ForArgyll on Pause
    That is also 12 out of more than 300 compared with 21 out of 56 so Sturgeon lost a much high proportion including the two biggest names in the SNP at Westminster.
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    The way that “fascist” is thrown around is quite amusing when you remember that two of the founders of the SNP were supporters of Nazi Germany in WWII!
  • ForArgyll on Pause
    I would think the EU have enough problems trying to survive rather than considering expansion. There is a growing number of countries unhappy about membership of the EU and the loss of the UK leaves a huge hole in the EU budget.
  • Here’s how the ‘BT Broadband Security’ scam works – a victim’s narrative
    There is not a lot to report except that you have had a call from an unknown person who either had his number withheld, displayed a false number or was International and of course he did not give he true name.

    The authorities need proactive call centres with access to forensic call tracing facilities to try and identify the caller but even then it is a foreign caller there is little they can do.

  • ForArgyll on Pause
    The reports of the BMG survey today are interesting.

    ‘We don’t care’: Scottish voters dismiss EU as ‘political gravy train’

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