Campbeltown Picture House gets Heritage Lottery Fund green light to start regeneration project delivery. Now vote to help.

Campbeltown Community Company is excited to be able to report that they have been given the green light by Heritage Lottery Fund to start the Delivery Phase of their Centenary Project – to regenerate the delightful and unique Campbeltown Picture House.

This signals that they have raised sufficient money to proceed with what is a £3 million project to restore the historic cinema and build a modern second screen and cafe/foyer area.

Of course, the fundraising hasn’t finished – David Mayo from the project team says: ‘I guess it never does.

‘Our next quest is to seek additional funds to restore our rare Mercury Arc Rectifier.  “What on earth is that”, I hear people saying – so, read on.

‘It would be wonderful if you help by voting for this mini-project in the Aviva Community Fund contest.

‘It just requires a few minutes in front of the computer, registering and then voting.’

[For Argyll warning: the Aviva system is a bit ‘clunky’ so do persevere. It sill won’t take long and your votes matter a lot.]

David Maypo says: ‘In voting for us , you can also find out just what a Mercury Arc Rectifier actually is.
I specially recommend you visit the YouTube link which shows one in operation.

‘The plan is to mount this ‘machine’ in the former kiosk and simulate its operation so as to entice passers-by
into the cinema’. When you see one working you will realise why.’

This team have never lost the ability to tease. Eaten alive by curiosity, we’re just off to vote – and watch this You Tube video.

The Campbeltown team need a lot of votes to win and secure this funding – every single vote that can be mustered – so please give them a hand, a few minutes and your vote.  Get your family and friends to do the same.

The ‘Wee Pictures in Campbeltown’ is a treasure for the whole of Argyll. Get your fingerprints on its success by putting your vote in now – and when it reopens and you go to see it and have fun in it, you can take personal pride in having done your bit.

Note: Each person who votes is the Aviva scheme is entitled to award 10 votes – so please give them all to the Campbeltown Picture House. Why ever not?  The rest of your family are also entitled to 10 votes each…

Help spread this through your social media contacts.

Vote x 10 here – now.

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  • Fantastic group who have worked so hard as volunteers to bring this brilliant old building back to life after years of dullness so I’ll def be voting. Well done to all involved.

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    Kintyre resident May 21, 2015 11:40 pm Reply
  • “..the Aviva system is a bit ‘clunky'”..!
    You’re not normally known for understatement Newsroom….!
    Can I suggest a route…
    1 Click on your link “Vote x 10 here – now.”
    2 Register with the Aviva system
    3 {Log out and} come back here…
    4 Go again to the link “Vote x 10 here – now.” to be taken directly to the Picture House voting page
    Believe me, this is by far the quickest route!

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

    Ian Sanderson May 22, 2015 1:08 pm Reply

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