Oban lifeboat on sbout to diver with the bends

At 10:03 today, 22nd March, Stornoway Coastguard requested the assistance of Oban Lifeboat, Mora Edith MacDonald, to take a diver from the Sound of Mull to Oban.

Shortly before 10am a female diver in the Sound of Mull had surfaced too quickly from her dive and was therefore at risk of developing decompression sickness, commonly known as ‘the bends’.

The Sound of Mull is host to several well known wrecks and is a favourite dive site.

The volunteer crew of Oban Lifeboat responded to the call immediately and met up with the dive boat near Loch Aline.

Fortunately the Oban Lifeboat crew includes a Doctor with many years of experience dealing with diving related emergencies. He was able to monitor the patient throughout the transfer.

Upon returning to Oban the lifeboat was met by a waiting ambulance which took the patient to hospital for further assessment.

Oban Lifeboat was ready for service again by 11:52.

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