COSLA: Inverclyde ‘goes’ to plan

On schedule and to plan, yesterday, 20th February, Labour-led Inverclyde Council gave the necessary 12 months advance notice of intent to leave the Labour-led Convention of Scottish Local Authorities [COSLA].

It follows labour-led Dunfries and Galloway and Aberdeen City Councils in this move; and is known to precede anticipated  similar action from Labour-led Glasgow City, Renfrewshire and South Lanarkshire Councils. These three and Inverclyde councils are understood to be working together.

This is not an internal Labour split but is an advance preparation of new core Labour territory, should a move by the other political parties to weaken the Labour grip on COSLA succeed.

Glasgow, Inverclyde, Renfrewshire and South Lanarkshire are interested in the possibility of an eight-strong, traditionally Labour-led group of Clyde Valley councils.

As with the first two Councils to give notice of potential departure, Inverclyde yesterday made it clear that it could reverse its decision in the next 12 months – but went on to make more explicit the reason for its move.

Council Leader Stephen McCabe said that a reduction in influence would lead the council to question the value of its hefty annual subdscription to COSLA.

This refers to the successful move by other parties, driven by Scottish Borders Council, in which Labour has no seats, to have a review of COSLA’s constitution, with a view to shifting the decision-taking authority away from the monthly Labour-dominated Council Leaders’ meeting and in favour of the quarterly delegates convention, a more balanced body.

It is likely that this move will lead to the break up of COSLA and the emergence of separate caucuses of the like minded, each of which will negotiate independently with the Scottish Government for annual revenues and the Trade Union on terms and conditions for employees.

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  • What a bunch of bairns; people actually voted for these petulant children? “It’s ma ba and ahm goin’ hame with it”.

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    db February 22, 2014 2:43 pm Reply
  • Did Argyll and Bute Council not think about leaving COSLA a few years ago? I am told that COSLA has never done anything for AandB. Remember them slashing millions of pounds from the funding for the elderly and those in need in Argyll and Bute a few years ago with the support of Dick Walsh. They even made sure that AandB did not get all the special,islands needs funding that they were due. This was also something that Dick Walsh was happy to accept.
    It looks like COSLA are now throwing their toys out of the pram and trying to change the rules to make sure that labour councils get nothing. I suppose that Dick Walsh is also supporting this change even although COSLA will do nothing for AandB. Best thing Argyll and Bute Council can do is to join those leaving COSLA. The trouble is that the Lib Dems, the Tories, Argyll First and the Independents will just do as they are told by Walsh.

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    Sceptic1 February 22, 2014 10:10 pm Reply

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