plan B with More Sky Than We Need at Tobermory and Craignish

Following the hugely popular Shoogle Project, plan B are back at Craignish Village Hall in Ardfern with More Sky Than We Need – after a performance in Tobermory the night before.

This is described as ‘a beautiful and serene meditation on the vast clouds above us and the immense space within us’.

The piece takes its inspiration from a series of photographs taken by choreographer Frank McConnell nearly ten years ago – and his own contemplations on the seemingly infinite skies of the Highlands.

More Sky Than We Need is ‘reflective and breath-taking, exploring how the natural wonders above dictate our moods, thoughts and actions’.

The all female cast of performers –  Chrissie Ardill, Lucy Boyes and Emma Snellgrove – are accompanied throughout by cellist, Clea Friend, as well as by a specially commissioned sound-scape from Lila Senior.

The piece is completed by a magical, layered design by Miranda Melville.

Before the performanc,e plan B will screen their 13 minute dance film, Away From Here.  Set in the dramatic West Highlands of Scotland, this examines the fleeting relationship of people to a sense of place and belonging; exploring the incongruity of relationship to an ancient landscape.

A collaboration between plan B and multi-award winning Goat Media, the film has been screened over 19 times at various festivals in both the UK and around the world.

Frank McConnell says: ‘Modern technological advances move so swiftly nowadays that we are more likely to think of clouds as somewhere where we store digital information.  But not so very long ago (and indeed still current in ancient cultures), clouds were a source of inspiration, a way of communicating with the gods and a guide to understanding the laws of nature.

‘I think in this new show, the performers are simultaneously moving as clouds, catching thermals and precipitating an intuitive sense of knowledge, allowing the skies above us to guide us through our daily lives, catching us by surprise and revealing hidden coincidences.

‘A perfect example of this revealed itself recently when Siobhan Cain (plan B Company Manager) and Clea Friend (our cellist) sat next to each other on a plane, journeying through the clouds.  Never having spoken, never having met and with no knowledge of one another previously – the connection revealed itself, through conversation in their first meeting.  Perhaps a sign?  But certainly the moment Clea realised she was meant to be part of the production.’

plan B was formed in 1989 by Frank McConnell and Caroline Docherty to explore new ways of creating and presenting dance and theatre in performance.

The company has always been committed to a bold and imaginative style which is innovative in its devising and accessible in its delivery. It has been led throughout by Frank McConnell an award-winning choreographer who was one of the first individuals in the UK to be awarded a Fellowship from the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts.

More Sky Than We Need is:

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