Special treats in store for Arctic Convoy Veterans

Convoy week

The Forty Arctic Convoy Veterans who are returning to Loch Ewe in May, 70 years after leaving these NW Highland shores bound for Russia during WWII, will be receiving a very warm welcome to the Highlands.

The local Wester Ross community are preparing many surprises for them during their three day stay – which includes a Medal Ceremony to award them all their belated Arctic Star Medal.

One of those surprises is being planned by Susan Kirkness of the Bruach Bakery, Poolewe, who has designed a cake fit for these heroes. It is going to replicate the Arctic Star Medal which they will just have been officially awarded on the 9th May. Susan has designed the cake over the last few months and has managed to recreate the Medal perfectly.

She says: ‘We will be ‘cutting the cake’ immediately following the official Medal Ceremony and think it may be wise to put all the forty veterans names into a hat and pull out the name of the  Veteran who will be asked to carry out this important task. This way, it all fair and equal.

‘We plan to show these Veterans how really proud we are of their achievements – and to give them a most memorable visit here to Wester Ross, seventy years after many of them first came here as young boys heading for Russia on the Arctic Convoys from Loch Ewe.’

The Veterans Reunion is part of WWII and the Arctic Convoys Week in Wester Ross which runs from 6-11 May and includes a wide range of walks, talks, dances and reunions – the full Programme of Events can be found on the Russian Arctic Convoy Museum website here.

Note: The photo at the top shows Susan Kirkness with her surprise Medal Cake for the Veterans – wearing appropriate uniform.

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  • Not before time, there were a lot of brave who lads lost their lives ferrying goods to Russia. These are the forgotten heroes of WWII and they should be remembered. My thanks to all those who survived.

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    Bill May 15, 2013 12:15 pm Reply

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