Disappointing funding news for Inveraray

Inveraray had applied to the Heritage Lottery Fund for funding under the Townscape Heritage Initiative [THI] scheme.

The town has already been successful in being awarded £970,000 by Historic Scotland – through Argyll and Bute Council – from its Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme [CARS] fund. This was given towards maintaining and enhancing the town’s built heritage.

The regeneration team had been hoping that Townscape Heritage Initiative funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund would be forthcoming – on the back of a good application.

This would have helped the important Robert Adam designed town to address the full spectrum of regeneration work it needs to do.

However, this will not now happen.

Evidently a total of seven applications from Scotland were amongst those received by the Board of the UK Heritage Lottery Fund. Only two of the Scottish applications were approved and Inveraray was not one of them.

Both Argyll and Bute Council and ACHA plan to contribute to the regeneration plans and the CARS project will go ahead – and the town is excited about what that can achieve.

The Inveraray team are grateful for and complimentary about the work done by the Council staff in backing up the funding applications.

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  • The community of Inveraray thanks everyone that worked so hard on the bid. It is disappointing news but I believe nothing more could have been done and imagine it was very close run thing. Our thanks to the Argyll & Bute Council for all their hard work on the very credible bid. The CARS funding however is in place and we should see a substantial facelift for Inveraray with the available funds.

    There will be a lot more information from Argyll & Bute Council over the next few months about the detail of the project and how the community will be involved in the works.

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    John Patrick April 7, 2013 9:47 pm Reply

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