A83: Rest and Be Thankful indeed


A keen-eyed driver [identity revealed below] spotted this R&R vision at the traffic lights at Rest and Be Thankful on the A83 – had a camera to hand, the red light gave him time – and he has shared the image.

Yesterday there was a heavy fog at the Rest. Is this Scotland Transerv’s version of ‘I met her in the Foggy Foggy Dew’?

And to make sure you enjoy it, here it is again – but bigger. And look below the photo for the name of the photographer – who says his reputation’s beyond rescue anyway.

Call in at the Furnace Stores next time you’re driving between Inveraray and Lochgilphead – mention  the Knocking Shop at Rest and Be Thankful and see if Mike Masters [©] owns up to being in charge of the fast lens.

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  • that dummy will probably be more use there than the transport minister!!!

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    the obanite January 12, 2013 2:12 am Reply
  • There appears to be more dummies about than one better than the transport minister, take another look at this picture and see the sign
    “cyclists please use this lane for safety” that`s the real joke..as you can see “this lane” is blocked off, assuming it is intended to be “this lane” it is the one blocked off by landslide protection barriers, so maybe cyclists will be ok if there is a landslide, then they, the workers and their machinery must avoid collision, so no, they can not mean “this lane” they must have the sign in the wrong lane, lets move it to the other lane where the traffic lights do not allow enough time for cyclists to ascend the climb, without the opposite side going to green resulting in all traffic including HGV`s bearing down in the now completely out of breath cyclist. I am pleased to report that some `dummy` must have had this sign removed (it was not there yesterday )realising that it was at least inappropriate. It would be better for transerv not to show empty gestures portraying a caring safe work on road initiative, and to get real replacing the chevron / chevrons that existed on dangerous corners for years that now have no such signage, for example the right hand hidden dip corner just west of this site, where in years gone by i can recall a bus crashing into the river. But i am maybe expecting too much from a company that places right hand warning signage on left hand bends and straights, and can not even get white lines in the middle of the road on newly surfaced sections, removes hidden dip warning signs, leaving no warning at all….and even after all the protest years ago, LAST YEAR replaced a section of armco steel crash barrier with…you guess it wooden railings !! All your avid readers will have spotted this, ( if they are regularly using the road ) certainly the occupants of the car that crashed through that wooden railing about November can tell you exactly where it was. BEAR who take over the contract in April will not need to know where to place the signage but they will need to know where to wield the axe ! May i suggest MSP`s who use this road, open their eyes…!!

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    Davy MacMillan January 22, 2013 3:13 pm Reply

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