Arctic Convoys on tonight’s One Show

The BBC has confirmed with the Russia Arctic Convoy Museum at Loch Ewe in Wester Ross that The One Show at 7.00pm tonight, 12th Dec 2012, is running a feature about the Arctic Convoys.

This sees presented John Sergeant at Loch Ewe, the gathering point for so many of the heroic World War II supply convoys to Murmansk and the White Sea port of Archangel.

He is also talking with some of the veterans who make an annual pilgrimage to the Wester Ross harbour where the Russian Arctic Convoy Museum project is dedicated to informing on and celebrating their sacrificial exploits.

The British Government, advised by the Ministry of Defence, continues to refuse to honour these veterans, of whom few remain, with the award of a service medal in recognition ot the crucial role they played in keeping Russian in the war and thereby protecting the survival of the UK.

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  • Well worth watching, even if inserted as an interruption in the stream of froth that the management (and presumably the British population) consider to be the main business of the One Show. Really quite a bizarre contrast.

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    Robert Wakeham December 13, 2012 10:29 pm Reply

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