Price of peat from Auchindrain falls

Auchindrain Farm Township, between Inveraray and Furnace, has just had a new stock of peat deliveredfor sale.

The price of haulage has dropped a lot since their last delivery so they are passing th savings on to customers.

The price per 30kg bag is now £7.50, where, as advertised here, it has been £9.50 for this size of bag.

We will update the advertisement over the weekend.

We understand that there is more good news from Auchindrain. It is one of the success stories across Argyll, awarded funding from the new All Our Stories funding scheme from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Recovering the stories of the families who lived and worked on Scotland’s last preserved unimproved Highland farm township will be a wonderful addition to Argyll’s sense of itself and to Auchindrain.

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  • Yes, it is good news about the “All Our Stories” award from the Heritage Lottery Fund. However, to split hairs but also to give credit where it’s due, the project isn’t being run by Auchindrain itself, but by the Friends of Auchindrain. The two bodies will of course be working closely together, but the slow and methodical work involved in tracing the township’s people through history is one “Auchindrain” priority that the Friends can take on. There is much that needs to be done that they cannot, so this is some intelligent thinking within an effective partnership.

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    Auchindrain November 24, 2012 10:22 am Reply
  • For anyone who wants peat for their winter fire, we are open most weekdays from 10am until dusk. But it’s worth ringing first to check we are there that day – 01499 500235.

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    Auchindrain November 24, 2012 10:24 am Reply

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