Kilmartin House Museum has been adopted!

Kilmartin House Museum is delighted to have been adopted by Lyndsey Clark from the Royal Museum, Edinburgh

The team from Museum140 ( were so impressed by a small museum in Germany they set up an adopt-a-museum scheme in April 2011.

The objective is to focus on the unsung heroes of the museum world. Those museums that don’t display famous art or get millions of visitors every year, but that are just really good at what they do. Perhaps they engage visitors in their subject matter in a really creative way, do stellar outreach or community work, or deliver fantastic events on a shoestring budget.

We are delighted that Lyndsey Clark from Edinburgh was so impressed by Kilmartin House Museum that she decided she would adopt us under this scheme. You can read her adoption citation by following this link There is also an opportunity for you to leave your own comments about Kilmartin if you wish. Thanks to Lyndsey for adopting us and we hope to see her back in Kilmartin soon.

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