HMS Astute gunman on murder and attempted murder charges

(Updated below) 22 year-old rating on HMS Astute, Ryan Donovan, has been charged with the murder of 36 year old Lieutenant Commander Ian Molyneax, who died in a shooting incident on HMS Astute on Friday 8th April 2011, at a berth in Southampton’s Eastern Docks.

Donovan also faces three charges of attempted murder, one relates to 45 year old Lieutenant Commander Chris Hodge who has been fighting for his life since being shot in the same incident.

The other two attemped murder charges relate to officers not previously known to have been involved.

They are 37 year old Chief Petty Officer David McCoy and 36 year old Petty Officer Christopher Brown.

Donovan is expected to appear before magistrates in Southampton tomorrow, Monday 11th April.

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