The closure of Ulva Primary on Mull… how bankers blew up island life

All cut-back roads lead to the doors of the bankers who have so successfully avoided responsibility for their part in the swingeing cuts to services which will affect all of Scotland. The closure of Ulva Primary School on Mull is just one more kick in the teeth for a community who did nothing to deserve this but will feel its effects for generations to come.

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(For Argyll Ed: Do not give up, Ulva.  You talk as if it is all over and in the past tense. It is not. Is is unlikely that these proposals are legally adequate to close any school.)

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  • Hi

    It’s not the Save Ulva Primary School ( ) who wrote this. Carolyne, one of the locals affect by the threat of the closure told me that they are hopeful about tomorrow and posted it in a comment under the original story at

    Thanks for promoting the article. Much appreciated.



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    Ralph Averbuch November 24, 2010 11:59 am Reply
  • The last I hear Mull had a 50% ‘second home’ rate… I wonder how many of them are owned by bankers.

    I read in the paper the other day that Ardfin Estate on the Isle of Jura had been bought by a city trader, I doubt they will be sending any Primary School aged children to Jura Primary School as Scotland’s Estates are just trophies – something to do on the odd weekend, Argyll’s whole economy is a bankers dream economy over our local declining communities.

    With Islay’s Keills Primary School parents council calling their School closure as ‘modern day clearances’, and a letter in this weeks Oban Times from Mull calling it ‘social cleansing’ I agree that our Government and Council are guilty on both counts as 26 Primary School closures will be evident enough.

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    Bob November 27, 2010 10:29 am Reply

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