The Bute-Brisbane connection: Judy Parrott’s Walking the Bridge airs in OZ and online

Judy Parrott walking the Bridge Exhibition 1

Walking the Bridge, by photographer, writer and sound artist Judith Parrott – whose life is divided between Bute and Brisbane – is based on the exhibition she did for Scottish Year of Homecoming 2009, about contemporary Scottish immigration to Australia.

It has been developed for ABC Radio National’s 360 programme from the exhibition of the same name.

Judith’s exhibition series, Place Matters (on which we have published before), looks at the importance of community, cultural identity and connection to place.

Judy Parrott walking the Bridge Exhibition 2

In this programme the focus is upon a group of Scottish immigrants to Australia, all of whom have been there now for around 20 to 30 years. We hear of how they have adapted and settled in their new home and the challenges they face.

Having returned to Scotland to live, Judith also reads from her letters back to Australia from Scotland, telling us of her impressions on returning home.

The programme can be heard on ABC Radio National’s 360 programme broadcast in Australia on Saturday 4th December 2010 at 2.00m and on Wednesday 8th December at 1.00 pm. It can also be listened to here, at ABC Radio National online on or after 4th December – and there will be a slide show of images for Walking the Bridge at the ABC web address.

Judy Parrott walking the Bridge Exhibition 3

Judith played an important part in Cultural Connect Scotland‘s Year of Homecoming Exhibition, the inspirational This is Who We Are, which used photography to link the cultures of Scottish communities with their emigrant foundations of the same name in Canada.

Living and working for most of the time in Rothesay on Bute (the location for the photograph immediately above), Judith accepted the challenge form Graeme Murdoch and Harry McGrath of Cultural Connect Scotland and went off with her camera and observer’s eye and ear to explore another Rothesay – in New Brunswick.

The images accompanying this article are some of Judith Parrott’s photographs for Walking the Bridge, are copyrighted to her and may not be reproduced without permission.

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