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We’ve been working on ways to get stories from our readers into the main news flow as easily and transparently as possible.

We’ve tried quite a few ideas, and the last iteration was quite successful (you can see the results on the right of the site). However, this post marks the final evolution.

In the righthandside column we now have a form which submits your story or press release directly into our admin area for writing news items. It means we can see your post as soon as its submitted, place it in the right category and publish it. Not only that, but because your story becomes part of the full news coverage, it will be included in our RSS feed, and our daily and weekly newsletters, and readers will be able to comment on it (one of the things forargyll is rightly well-known for).

Of course we reserve the right to copy-edit, check for facts, change things, as any editorial team would, but this facility should mean you can get your story in front of our two-to-four-thousand visitors-a-day immediately.

And given that we’re at the top of our game technically (we’re modest as well) we have included the ability to submit events and links too. Well why not?

We hope you like this new facility. Feedback in the comments below, or via our contact page, and for more details on our editorial policies, please follow the link at the top of every page.

(By-the-way this story was submitted via the new system!)

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