Greens get their 2011 candidates out there

The Scottish Greens have just announced the party’s top candidates for next May’s Holyrood elections across six of the eight Holyrood regions.

The party’s co-convenor Eleanor Scott in standing again for her seat as a Highlands and Islands MSP, along with Donnie MacLeod. We will publish information on both of these candidates shortly.

In a neat attention grabber, Councillor Martin Ford from Aberdeen left the Lib Dems over their handling of Donald Trump’s controversial planning application to build a top class international links golf course in the famous and protected sand dunes at  Balmedie.

Ford will be the Scottish Green party’s top candidate in the North East. Attention will be paid.

The party is confident of making significant advances at the 2011 election and plans to bring a distinctive agenda on the economy and public services to the campaign as well as innovative policies on core environmental issues.

Eleanor Scott, standing in the Highlands and Islands, says: ‘Next year’s election will be crucial for the economy and livelihoods of rural Scotland, and the campaign to win in Highlands and Islands starts today.

‘Across the region the recession is biting and the cost of living is rising. The other parties have settled for bickering and shallow point-scoring, but I will use this election to set out a positive Green alternative, one where economic policy is driven by the needs of local people and local business.

‘Since 2007 the Green MSPs have persuaded other parties to start looking seriously at a project to insulate every home in Scotland, although the schemes proposed so far are too slow and too small.

‘A proper universal insulation scheme for Scotland would save money, cut household bills and boost jobs, while also tackling fuel poverty and climate change. It’s the kind of common-sense approach Greens bring forward, and exactly the kind of project I’d be fighting for at Holyrood if the people of Highlands and Islands elect me again as their Green MSP’.

The 2011 election campaign is clearly picking up speed. It is set to be hard and particularly close fight in Argyll.

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  • Its sad to say but there is more chance of Kintyer1 saying something nice about the SNP than there is of the Greens getting anything out of this election.

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    Mark McCormack September 9, 2010 4:01 pm Reply
  • Mark – genuinely interested to hear your rationale on that one.

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    Elaine Morrison September 9, 2010 9:33 pm Reply
  • Having met and had an issue dealt with by Eleanor Scott when she was an MSP , I would happily vote for her were it not for her parties support for the break up of the United Kingdom .

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    kintyre1 September 11, 2010 10:39 am Reply
  • Hi Elaine – Sorry not to come back to you sooner but I have been somewhat busy of late.

    Reasons why I do not believe the Green Party will get anything out of the next election, and in doing so these are my own thougths on the subject.

    Money – Yours party just does not have the financial capacity to mount an effective and long term campaign.

    People – You do not have the number of boots on the ground to cover such a hugh area has Argyll and Bute and to reach the volume of voters needed. While technology is all very well and clever it does have its limitations and is no substitute to leafleting and door knocking. Voters want to see someone face to face. For me this was one of the main things to come out of the last election. Many, many times we were told that someone was going to vote for us because we were the only party to come into their area and were willing to speak to them.

    The Message – the green credntials of the present government negate your own message.

    I believe I am record on the forum saying how I was impreesed with yourself during the hustings at the last election and like Kintyer1 if I was not an SNP activist I would probaly be a green voter so I hope you are not to offend by the above.

    Yours, Mark McCormack

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    Mark McCormack September 13, 2010 8:33 pm Reply
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