IslayFisher fishes the Kilmelford Hill Lochs

Loch na Curraigh, kilmelford Hill Lochs.Copyright Brian Turner

Brian Turner (of the IslayFisher website) and Jim Campbell made the journey through from the Borders to Kilmelford in Mid-Argyll last week.

They were here for  three days in ‘mixed’ weather conditions to try out the Kilmelford Hill Lochs. We asked them to tell us about out their experience of the visit as it will be interesting for anglers and for those of us who have never seen the Kilmelford Hill lochs. Their story and their photographs underline the attractions of the place and of their sport.

Loch Lasg. Kilmelford Hill Lochs.Copyright Brian Turner

This is Brian Turner talking.

‘We got our permit from the Quaich store in the village and at £12 for the 3 days it is fantastic value (very friendly lass in the shop too, who also had some fishing knowledge).

Loch nam Ban. Kilmelford Hill Lochs.Copyright Brian Turner

‘Our base for the four-night stay was with Diane Scaife at Fearnach House B&B in Melfort and I can recommend this as a great base for anyone wanting to fish these hill lochs. Great value and comfortable lodgings as well as being able to eat out at the facilities in the Melfort village (Shower of Herring and Mermaid Restaurants).

Feinn Lochs big & wee. Kilmelford Hill Lochs, Copyright Brian Turner

‘Anyway to the fishing – we fished on Loch a’ Mhinn, Loch na Curraigh, Loch Losgainn Mor, Loch Losgainn Beag, Feinn Loch (big), Feinn Loch (wee), Loch Lasg, Loch nam Ban and Loch Phearsain.

Loch Losgainn Beag. Kilmelford Hill Lochs.Copyright Brian Turner

‘We caught – and returned safely to the water, 47 Brown Trout – some up to 1.5lb and 2lb in weight although most are in the 8oz to 12oz category.

Loch Phearsain. Kilmelford Hill Lochs.Copyright Brian Turner

‘For those interested in fly fishing our top flies were:

  • Dry Olive CDC
  • Dry Daddy
  • Sedgehog
  • Damsel
  • Black Pennel,
  • Green Peter
  • Clan Chief
  • Diawl Bach
  • Bibio Snatcher

Kilmelford Hill Lochs settlement, looking to Loch Feinn cliffs.Copyright Brian Turner

‘We enjoyed very much the walk out into the hills – and the Feinn Lochs and Loch Lasg were at the outer extremities of the estate – but at least we picked a good day to walk out to these locations. We had the place to ourselves and didn’t meet any other fly fishermen out on the hills – just sheep, deer, buzzards and other sundry wildlife.

Loch na Curraigh. Kilmelford Hill Lochs.Copyright Brian Turner

‘I always like to take a few photos of the trip as us fisherman have questionable memories (wee 8oz fish caught on the loch can become a 2lb fish in later stories!!)’.

Loch A Mhinn. Kilmelford Hill Lochs.Copyright Brian Turner

As well as the photos accompanying this article, people interested in seeing more will find a collection of Brian’s photographs of the trip to the Kilmelford Hill Lochs here.

Loch Losgainn Beag and Loch a Mhinn, Kilmelford Hill Lochs, Copyright Brian Turner

The photographs above are by copyright holder, Brian Turner of Islayfisher and show, from the top:

  • Loch na Curraig
  • Loch Lasg
  • Loch nan Ban
  • Lochs Feinn, ‘big’ and ‘wee’
  • Loch Losgainn Beag
  • Loch Phearsainn
  • Ruined hill settlement at Kilmelford Hill Lochs
  • Loch na Curraigh
  • Loch A’ Mhinn
  • Panorama showing, from right, Loch Losgainn Beag, Loch A’ Mhinn, with the sea loch, Loch Melfort below on the left.
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