Dunoon burgh ball seats

Dunoon Burgh Hall team offers restored chairs for sponsorship

A limited number of elegant cast iron and plywood chairs are being restored before their reinstatement on the balcony of the main hall in  Dunoon Burgh Hall.

Once complete they promise to provide the best view in the house.

The seats may be sponsored for a one-off donation of £50 – and may have a message of the sponsor’s choice inscribed on a small brass plaque fixed to the chair.  Sponsors of the chairs will be invited to a pre-opening reception and their name listed as a ‘Beautiful Balcony’ supporter on the Burgh Ball website.

Sponsors of the chairs may also nominate a third party as the person to be commemorated by their chair – which would be a novel gift for someone special, for someone far away or in memory of a loved one.

Everyone interested should contact the team by email [Dunoon Burgh Hall Trust <info@dunoonburghhall.org.uk>] and they will forward full details of how to join the ‘Sponsor the Restoration’ scheme.  As well as these chairs, there are other sponsorship options available, starting at just £5 to sponsor a roof tile – all heklping in this knsoired project to being this important building up to date, in full and lively community use.

Alternatively, anyone preferring to help the initiative without a sponsorship can make a donation online here at any time.

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