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Inverarary & District Grade 1 Pipe Band win Scottish Championships with the perfect score

[Updated below with other Argyll bands’ performance results] Inveraray and District Pipe Band won Grade 1 at the Scottish Pipe Band Championships on Saturday 30th July – wiht the best possible score.

All four judges – two for piping, one for drumming and one for ensemble playing – placed them first. The drumming first is the band’s third in his season’s four major championships to date.

This is a stunning result for a band that did not even exist twelve years ago.

It is also a result that sends the bands into the next contest in very good heart. This is the big one  – the World Championships, on Glasgow Green on Friday 12th August, only 12 days away  now.

On Saturday, the Inveraray band’s clean sweep of first placings left other bands struggling to nail the remaining places in each discipline.

The other top six placing in a field of 12 bands playing in the highest category were:

  • Second: St Laurence O Toole from Dublin, with two second places [for piping and for ensemble playing], a third from the second piping judge and a 4th for drumming.
  • Third: Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia, with a second from the second piping judge, two thirds [for drumming and ensemble playing’ and a fifth from the first piping judge.
  • Fourth: Field Marshal Montgomery from Northern Ireland, with a third from the first piping judge, two fourths [from the second piping judge and for ensemble playing [and a sixth for drumming.
  • Fifth: Scottish Power, with a fourth from the first piping judge, two fifths [from the second piping judge and for drumming] and a sixth for ensemble playing.
  • Sixth: Police Scotland, with a second for drumming and three seventh places [two for piping and one for ensemble playing’.

The consistency of the Inveraray band’s performance across the disciplines in this contest is a great tribute to the leadership of Pipe Major Stuart Liddell [above right, receiving the cup on Saturday] and of Steven MacWhirter, leader of the Drums Corps, both world champions in their own right in their respective instruments.

Other Argyll band performances at Scottish Championships

Kintyre Schools tuned in a standout performance winning the Novice B contest – and taking three first place out of the four disciplines. The band also came sixth in a field of sixteen bands in the Grade 3A contest. This was a fabulous oveall perfomance from a band which is clearly going places.

Novice A Grade – 8 competing bands

  • 6th –  Oban High School, with a second and a fifth lace from the two piping judges; eighth for drumming; and sixth for ensemble playing.
  • 7th: Dunoon Grammar School, with a first and a seventh for piping;  and two  more seventh places for drumming and ensemble playing,

Novice B Grade – 11 competing bands

  • 1st – Kintyre Schools with three firsts [from both piping judges and for ensemble playing] and a fourth for drumming.
  •  8th – Oban High School, with a third and a sixth for their piping; an eighth for their ensemble playing; and a tenth for their drumming,

Grade 4B – 12 competing bands in final and a total of 30 bands competing in the qualifiers for the finals,

  • 8th – Mid Argyll, with a fourth and a eighth for piping, a tenth for drumming; and an eighth for ensemble playing.
  • 10th – Rothesay and District, with a sixth and a tenth for piping; an eighth for drumming and a ninth for ensemble playing.

Grade 3A – 16 competing bands

  • 6th – Kintyre Schools, with a second and a sixth for piping;  a fourth for ensemble playong; and a 12th for drumming.

Grade 2 – 20 competing bands

  • 13th – Isle of Islay, with a 13th and a fifteenth for piping; ninth for ensemble playing and fourteenth for drumming.

Note: The photograph above is © Jim McMillan.

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