Commons Select Committee on Scottish Affairs brings launch of report on Scotland’s renewable energy sector to Edinburgh

The Scottish Affairs Select Committee is to launch their report on the renewable energy sector in Scotland at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation on Monday 25th July 2016.

The event will provide an immediate opportunity to find out more about this important inquiry into this environmentally important industrial sector – and the main recommendations that the Committee will be making to the UK Government.

It is worth noting that the Scottish Affairs Committee, under the chairmanship of senior SNP MP, Pete Wishart, has been potently inventive in taking the committee out of London on several occasions and bringing it to Scotland for some in situ hearings of evidence in the course of its various investigations.

Now it is bringing to Scotland the launch of the report on its investigation into an energy sector of worldwide environmental significance to which Scotland’s natural resources have the capacity to make a substantial contribution.

This initiative, driven by Pete Wishart, immediately seemed so obviously organic that assumptions may have been that this is the traditional process of the committee’s work. It has been an important reorientation for Westminster’s way of doing things, post devolution – and the Chair’s consolidation of this as part of the way this committee works has been supported by the entire committee.

Monday’s event will see presentations by the Chair, Pete Wishart and by Committee member, Chris Law MP, followed by a question and answer session.

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