Scottish Affairs Select Committee continues demographics inquiry in session on business and migration

The Scottish Affairs Committee continue their inquiry into demographics and the implications for devolution with an evidence session on Wednesday 29 June. This session will be an opportunity for the Committee to hear from both business leaders and experts in the field of migration in Scotland and gauge their initial impressions of the impact the vote to leave the EU will have.

The session on business will examine predictions what the priorities will be for businesses in Scotland, particularly in terms of future investment, to ensure a strong economy for Scotland.  It will also look at how the Scottish Government can use the new fiscal framework in Scotland  to best serve business and the importance of retaining talent, especially in rural areas of Scotland.

The session on migration will focus on the importance of migration for Scotland and how the vote to leave the European Union may impact migration to Scotland.  The Committee will also examine what practical measures can be taken to ensure that Scotland can continue to grow its population, and Scottish attitudes to migration.

Committee Chairman Pete Wishart says: ‘As we begin to work out the best way forward for Scotland after the vote to leave the EU, this session will give us some initial insight to the challenges that lie ahead for business. We will explore what options there are to develop immigration and business policies that will  best work for Scotland in the future, in an environment where our national will stands at odds to that of England and Wales.’

The programme for the hearings – to be held in Room 6 in the House of Commons, is:

From 2.30 pm

  • Dermot Grenham, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries
  • Fraser Grieve, Scottish Council for Development and Industry
  • David Watt, Scotland Regional Director, Institute of Directors

From 3.15pm

  • Professor Allan Findley, University of St Andrews
  • Lorraine Cook, Policy Manager, COSLA, Migration, Population and Diversity Team
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