Watch this – Professor Michael Dougan talking to Liverpool University staff before the EU Referendum vote

European Law expert from Liverpool University’s Law School, Professor Michael Dougan, gave a series of internal lectures to Liverpool Univesity staff on the EU Referendum in the run up to the vote on 23d June.

Video records of these talks  were later – too late perhaps – made available on You Tube.

This one – Project Leave: dishonesty on an industrial scale, is important to watch – less because it underlines a singularly ill informed vote – it’s too late for that now – but because it illuminates the nature, the scale and the  complexity of what Britain now has to do, the true timescale involved and the cost of the decision.

Professor Dougan is very easy to llsten to – lucid, straightforward, accessible, energetic.

This is 24 minutes of valuable competent expert information important to listen to.

Here also is an insightful comment posted to The Guardian by one of its readers, which is indirectly validated by a ‘government source’ reported today as saying that that Gove and Johnson were both as shocked as anyone by the Leave win, that ‘ It was a public relations stunt gone wrong. They thought Boris would emerge as a heroic loser who had proved his  Tory credentials and secured his right to be Cameron’s successor. But it all blew up in their faces and they will have to clear the mess up.’

Listening to Professor Dougan will outline just what sort of a mess this is.

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  • Dodgy Fact No.1 If the UK courts sometimes give priority to EU law in the event of a conflict with domestic law, it is purely because our parliament has expressly instructed them to do so in our own legislation. The UK Parliament approves most legislation as a formality as it has little option to do so. That’s window dressing. if the UK refuses to enact it, they would be at risk of challenge in the ECJ.

    Dodgy Fact No.2 The fact is that sovereignty is not really an issue in the debate, Prof.Dougan says it’s not an issue, and yet one of the key things DC wanted to renegotiate was – sovereignty. It’s complete deception on Dougan’s part to say it’s not an issue. Someone so knowledgable should have said ‘Yes, it’s an issue, but we got a renegotiation on that’ – but he didn’t. So I think it’s fair to say, on this issue, in my opinion, Dougan is being very misleading (to be polite). See my point later about the future on the EU.

    Dodgy Fact No.3 remember the EU is not run by the unelected eurocrats of the commission that we hear all the time. It is actually run by the 28 governments working together in the counsel together with the European Parliament. The legislative agenda is set by the EU Commision and MEPs have no say other than to effectively approve it. I would add than in a broader context, the treatment of Greece by the EU and the ECB was absolutely attrocious, forcing unimaginable levels of austerity on the Greek people – at the best of Germany. His statement is rather disingenuous to try imply the EU is a fully democratic organisation. Maybe he can tell me how we sack Jean Claude Junker? Wait a minute – we cannot. If the UK people did not approve of the action being taken against Greece could we have stopped it? Not a chance. I don’t know why people try to pretend the EU is or ever will be democratic – it’s not – just be honest with people and stop trying to make excuses like Dougan.

    Dodgy Fact No.4 I am afraid I do find that many of the arguments on the other side of this debate are at worst dishonest and at best sometimes simply mistaken. – And despite having plenty of time, he skips over this, the crux of his argument without giving it much more reference.

    After that, he really waffles on rather a lot and says very little of real substance. He tells us that effectively, we’re too wee, too poor and too stupid, but adds ‘ First of all, the UK’s trade policy so far has been very very clever in a very sort of entertaining way. We actually have not that much to offer in terms of trade relations because we are a very open economy already. We basically buy goods and services with whoever we please because we are a very open economy. Interesting.// that almost sounds like a positive.

    Finally, his specialism is Constitutional Law – and that explains why when you read through his polemic, you realise he doesn’t say much at all. He makes one or two attacks at the Leave arguments, but they are very general, he makes no reference to 1 – the future of the EU as it stands 2- it’s recent track record in the financial crisis and record on growth (poor), unemployment (appalling in some EU countries) and debt management (forcing austerity on countries that are bankrupt already) 3 – the direction of ‘ever closer union’ and how, whilst Cameron appears to have got an opt-out, the UK would become increasingly isolated as the EU project moves towards full integration.

    None of these topics are touched on by this man despite being held up as some sort of oracle and his video being shared many million times.

    Rather than hear what someone said in the past, I’d much rather hear what he has to say now and if he’s going to join the civil service to help the transition.

    Newsroom – it would be good to hear from about people who actually have a vision for the UK now the vote has been decided. None of the other MSM seem to be interested in that, instead focussing on the hysteria and doomsday scenarios and internal party politics.

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    JB June 26, 2016 10:43 pm Reply
  • Not quite the load of old rubbish that JB would have us believe (unless, perhaps, you’re having difficulty discerning the wood from the trees)

    But Newsie’s link to the Guardian piece gives us a quite remarkable theory that seems so fantastic that it can’t be true – but then the same could be said of Boris Johnson, and far too many people are still pretending that the emperor is fully clothed.

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    Robert Wakeham June 27, 2016 8:16 am Reply
  • It is common knowledge – and well established – that falsehoods were supplied ‘on an industrial scale’ by both sides.

    The fact is, at the end of the day, we will have access to the single market – the EU will want to keep us close – and will be back in control of our own country, no matter what the doom-mongers say.

    And if we are in the single market, then Scotland won’t suffer from any trade disadvantages so there will be no need for another Scottish independence referendum.

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    Andrew Argyle June 27, 2016 8:29 am Reply
    • And, based on all these falsehoods ‘on an industrial scale’ the people voted – and our politicians tell us that they must execute ‘the will of the people’, that the democratic will is sacrosanct.
      Democracy, but not as I know it, Andrew.

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      Robert Wakeham June 27, 2016 8:44 am Reply
  • Once again,the Spivs and Crooks of Westminster have ordered the burning of our money to prop up the pound. The consequences of this action alone will result in a brutal budget in the Autumn.

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    A.Salmon June 27, 2016 9:36 am Reply

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