Statement from Nicola Sturgeon on EU Referendum outcome

Commenting on the result of the EU referendum in Scotland, First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has said: ‘Scotland has delivered a strong, unequivocal vote to remain in the EU, and I welcome that endorsement of our European status.

‘And while the overall result remains to be declared, the vote here makes clear that the people of Scotland see their future as part of the European Union.

‘Scotland has contributed significantly to the Remain vote across the UK. That reflects the positive campaign the SNP fought, which highlighted the gains and benefits of our EU membership, and people across Scotland have responded to that positive message.

‘We await the final UK-wide result, but Scotland has spoken – and spoken decisively.’

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  • Malky Kirk and his ilk should head of to Farage land and let reasonable people to govern this country of Scotland. The people of Scotland are sovereign. Maybe a wee alliance with Northern Ireland and the Republic as in EU most companies will move here from England.
    We should treat migrants from England with sympathy as they have now have to live with a right wing autocracy who will fight with each other for power.

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    No Cheese Here June 24, 2016 7:56 am Reply
  • Irony that looking at the results map, Scotland and the UK capital including the ‘westminster elite’ were aligned in their views, but out of step with the regions and rural areas in the UK. “Farage island” is great swathes of central and northern England, but not the greater London area.

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    Jerry McIver June 24, 2016 9:39 am Reply
  • In England, the dog is wagging the tail, something that the establishment thought they had bred out of it with their constant MSM propaganda over the years. There is still hope for humanity.
    I know people who meet Nicola through their work and with her being an MP, and all speak highly of her. I can find no fault with her statement about what the Scottish People want in the present circumstances, but I have to ask if she has looked into the future and considered that there may not be an EU, as we know it, in a few years time.
    The Dutch, the Danes, even the mighty French, may all go the road of the UK if the tail continues to wag them. I want Scotland to be an Independent Nation in Europe but not in the Europe that now exists. I voted Yes and I voted for Brexit.
    If Nicola was to get her 2nd Indy Ref I would be in the position of reversing my vote against the Europe that I want away from.
    Let us work for a New Europe first, then address Independence.

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    Murdoch MacKenzie June 24, 2016 10:37 am Reply
  • What’s going on with a single ballot paper taken away by the Police Service of Scotland in an evidence bag? Seems odd for one single paper, are there suspicions of something bigger having happened?

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    Lundavra June 24, 2016 11:10 am Reply

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